Full Electric Ahead

While 2040 may be far away, here are electric cars you can have today.

By Edmund Wee and Kelvin Low      17 July 2020

The arrival of the electric vehicle (EV) on the market is a consequence of the government’s measures to improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions. An electric car also feels vastly more relaxing to drive with no gears to shift, and regenerative braking helps to slow the car down even before you hit the brake pedal.

The first Shell EV recharging station in Singapore.

While recharging is at the top of EV owner concerns, the local infrastructure is actively being built out, an example being Shell Recharge, its first EV fast charger at Shell Sengkang. Fret not, even with 2040 being far off, you can still charge your EV with a standard AC outlet.

Range anxiety will become a thing of the past as Malaysia pursues electrification.

The range of EVs in Singapore has nearly doubled as more manufacturers churn out these futuristic modes of transport. Here are a few which are designed to be both practical and affordable for the EV early adopters. It is worth mentioning that all these cars fall under Band A1 and 2 under the Vehicular Emission Scheme, which translates into a monetary rebate which will be used to offset the car’s Additional Registration Fee (ARF).

BLUESG: Bolloré Bluecar

An affordable and convenient option for small families who would like to go on a ride without the need for car ownership, BlueSG is a one way car-sharing solution using self-service electric cars. Launched in 2017 in partnership with the Land Transport Authority and Economic Development Board, BlueSG, developed by French conglomerate Bolloré Group, has a 660-strong electric vehicle fleet replete with 337 stations and 1,339 charging points islandwide.

For families who are worried about contributing to emissions, they will be glad to know that the Bluecar is 100 percent electric and does not contribute to any CO2 emission or noise pollution. There are two membership plans charged on a monthly basis: basic ($8) and premium ($18). New customers who sign up for the basic plan can enjoy a free one-month subscription trial.


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