What’s For Dinner? Try Omurice

For all you lovers of Japanese curry, rice and eggs.

By Lester Tan      14 September 2021

Omurice. It’s more than a portmanteau of the words ‘omelette’ and ‘rice’.

We’re talking about the sumptuous coupling of runny, bright yellow protein and steamy, chewy grains of carbohydrate, drenched in the perfect ratio of thick, umami-spiced Japanese curry and drizzled with sweet and tangy ketchup.

You must be picturing yourself devouring this classic Japanese yōshuku recipe by now. Well, good news, here are two places to do it!

omurice tamago-en monster curry
Photos: Tamago-En and Monster Curry

In every dish it serves, this restaurant prides itself in using fresh eggs from Okinawa what undergo a meticulous farming process.

The hens are fed with foods high in carotene such as peppers, carrots, chili flakes, paprika that help pigment the yolks orange. The eggs produced are then prepared, sterilised with UV light for hygiene, and inspected before arriving at the hands of the chefs in Singapore.

You can expect every piece of egg that enters your mouth to be of the highest quality.

tamago en eggs from okinawa
Eggs from Okinawa.
Photo: Tamago-En

What’s good there, you’d ask? There are four omurice dishes that call out to us: Chicken Stew, Mentaiko Salmon Cream, Seafood Tomato Cream, and Beef Stew.

We’d recommend the beef—a soft, tender, demi-glace protein matched with sapid gravy, omelette and butter rice.

Should you prefer a lighter dish, consider the Seafood Tomato Cream with its scallops, squids, and shrimps balanced with smooth and thin tomato cream sauce.

tamago en seafood tomato cream rice
Photo: Tamago-En

Tamago-En has 13 outlets across the island, so you can find one whether you’re in the East, West or in town.

SAFRA members can enjoy a drink and dessert with any order of an omurice by topping up S$8. More information here.

Monster Curry

Even without Japanese eggs with yolks as orange as The Rising Sun, Monster Curry is by no means lacking. Every dish is prepared with 14 different vegetables and spices that go through a thorough two-day cooking process.

Also with 13 outlets across the Little Red Dot, Monster Curry serves up curry, pastas, and even salads in huge, huge tableware.

While they do have a wide selection of food, we’re here for the curry rice.

monster curry rice
Photo: Monster Curry

And Monster Curry has plenty of options, ranging from original (chicken or beef), to katsu curry (pork or chicken) and combos (a mix of pork, chicken, and fish).

We’d suggest the combo—specifically the Monster Combo Curry.

It’s not only value-for-money, but packed with pork katsu, fried fish, pork shabu-shabu, tempura, and cheese, painted with spicy curry.

As you can expect, Monster Curry serves its food in monstrous portions.

So, the Monster Combo Curry is better shared with two to three friends. Unless, you skipped both breakfast and lunch.

If you’re not one who can take spicy food, simply adjust the spiciness level between 0 to 5.

SAFRA members get to enjoy a drink and a side dish with any order of curry rice with a top up of S$5. More information here.


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