What These 9 Lunar New Year Flowers Symbolise

Choose these beautiful blooms for health, wealth, luck and love.

By Steve Thio      9 February 2021


A traditional symbol in China, the perfect and delicate beauty of the peony has inspired Chinese artists, sculptors, poets and even ordinary folk for centuries. Known as the flower of richesin Chinese culture, the peony is a symbol of Romance, Good Luck, Good Social Class, Wealth and Happy Marriage. The peony survives well in cooler climes and is imported into Singapore seasonally, so it is best to order them in advance with your florist. Pink and red peonies are the preferred colours for Lunar New Year.


A favourite in many homes during CNY celebrations, the yellow, or golden, chrysanthemum (or autumn/winter rose) is known as a symbol of autumn in Chinese culture, and also for Longevity and Health. The golden or yellow hue is seen by the Chinese to symbolise Prosperity and Wealth.


A common flower in our region, the hibiscus is rarely seen during CNY but it is known to symbolise Fame, Glory and Riches. There are many different coloured blooms but for the festive period, stick to pink or red as they represent life and celebration.


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