Made With Love! 5 Bespoke Gifts You Can Make For Your Valentine

One-of-a-kind gifts you won’t find at a mall.

By Annie Tan        10 February 2021

Gifting is an art. The best gifts extend beyond the price tag to represent the giver and recipient, convey profound feelings and conjure up memories. This is something you cannot hastily buy off the rack and enclose in a generic wrapping paper. So if you are stumped for ideas, why not consider a DIY gift this year? After all, what can be more personal than a handmade gift?

Photo: Artlette Art Studio

Paint My Love

If you often find that words fail you, perhaps abstract art can help you express your feelings. Acrylic pouring involves pouring paint onto a canvas and tilting the painting surface until you achieve the perfect riot of colours. A short session of Artlette Art Studio’s Fluid Art (Acrylic Pour) Workshop will provide you with the basics on colour theory, the ratio for pour consistency, and pouring techniques. You may choose to present your masterpiece of passion on a square or round canvas or as a quirky plate.

$98 for 120 minutes at #02-05 Jubilee Square and #03-18 Thomson Plaza, Tel: 8128 5430. Available on various dates. Workshop fee includes basic materials and tools. Expect to top up $15 to $25 for a round canvas or wooden plate.

Photo: Fat Anvil Studios

A Personalised Pledge

If your beau is not one to be impressed by run-of-the-mill jewellery, why not make your own commitment rings for each other at Fat Anvil Studios’ Silversmithing Workshops. Spend the afternoon soldering, filing and polishing 925 sterling silver, and personalise your jewellery with rustic textures, nature motifs or geometric motifs. The studio offers laser engraving of names, dates or messages, and can set gemstones such as sapphires, tourmalines, rubies and moonstones as well.

$260 for 120 minutes for two people at 573A Balestier Road. Additional charges for laser engraving and gemstone setting. Workshop times are flexible, subject to availability.

Photo: Brass Lion Distillery

Spirited Love

Invite your girlfriend on an intoxicating date and created a bespoke bottle of gin for each other at Brass Lion Distillery’s Gin School. Start by selecting a gin profile from floral, citrus, herbal and juniper. Then, raid the apothecary and herb garden for herbs, spices and dried fruits to infuse your gin with before distilling your concoction into a mini copper pot still, bottling it and gifting it to your partner, or enjoying it with her.

$220 for 150 to 180 minutes at 40 Alexandra Terrace, Tel: 6954 0602, every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

Photo: Crafune

She’s a Keeper

Instead of getting her the latest It bag, why not make her one at Crafune Leather Crafing Workshop? Depending on her style, choose from options such as the trendy bucket bag, versatile tote or a cute cardholder. Working with basic leather crafting tools, you will be personally scoring, cutting, gluing, lining and burnishing the leather to create her perfect arm candy. Further personalise it by hot-stamping your names or initials onto it.

$79 to $690 (depending on your choice of workshop) for 180 minutes or longer at 38a Haji Lane, #02-01, Tel: 8218 4223, daily.

Glow of Love

Cook up her go-to stress antidote with ingredients from your very own kitchen. To create an aromatic Brown Sugar Body Scrub, simply mix half a cup of brown sugar; half a cup of coconut, olive, jojoba, grapeseed or almond oil; and two drops of pure essential oil. The brown sugar will gently slough off dead cells, and the essential oils will lift her spirits. Pick from romantic floral notes such as neroli, geranium or ylang ylang; or relaxing citrus notes such as bergamot and grapefruit. Store your bespoke scrub in a mason jar, and write a personalised message to inspire and encourage her on long, tiring days.

Have you ever made your love a gift for Valentine’s Day? Tell us how it went at!

Main photo: Crafune