Made With Love! 5 Bespoke Gifts You Can Make For Your Valentine

One-of-a-kind gifts you won’t find at a mall.

By Annie Tan      10 February 2021

Gifting is an art. The best gifts extend beyond the price tag to represent the giver and recipient, convey profound feelings and conjure up memories. This is something you cannot hastily buy off the rack and enclose in a generic wrapping paper. So if you are stumped for ideas, why not consider a DIY gift this year? After all, what can be more personal than a handmade gift?

Photo: Artlette Art Studio

Paint My Love

If you often find that words fail you, perhaps abstract art can help you express your feelings. Acrylic pouring involves pouring paint onto a canvas and tilting the painting surface until you achieve the perfect riot of colours. A short session of Artlette Art Studio’s Fluid Art (Acrylic Pour) Workshop will provide you with the basics on colour theory, the ratio for pour consistency, and pouring techniques. You may choose to present your masterpiece of passion on a square or round canvas or as a quirky plate.

$98 for 120 minutes at #02-05 Jubilee Square and #03-18 Thomson Plaza, Tel: 8128 5430. Available on various dates. Workshop fee includes basic materials and tools. Expect to top up $15 to $25 for a round canvas or wooden plate.


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