Unlock Your Child’s Intellectual Potential At ThinkersBox

Equipping young minds for tomorrow’s challenges

By Sean Yee        7 May 2024

ThinkersBox, an enrichment centre at SAFRA Tampines, believes that exam results are not the only indicator of a child’s intellectual abilities and potential. With their comprehensive profiling tool, ThinkersBox is able to help parents accurately identify their child’s learning strengths and key areas of concerns to work on. Here, your child will experience a fun learning experience with specially curated hands-on activities and brain-stimulating practices.

Today, Miss Felicia and Miss Eulisia, teachers at ThinkersBox, reveal two simple activities that you can do at home with your kids to help develop their cognitive skills! 

Empirical and research-backed pedagogy

ThinkersBox’s courses are centred around expanding your child’s intellectual potential – their ability to respond critically to ever-changing circumstances, their decision-making and problem-solving skills, as well as their capacity for inventive thinking. ThinkersBox’s curriculum is inspired by psychometrician, Dr Joy Paul Guilford’s groundbreaking research on the Structure of Intellect (SOI) Theory. He breaks human intelligence into three primary pillars: Cognitive Intuition, Sensory Content and Transformative Product.  

Essentially, ThinkersBox seeks to enhance your child’s cognitive functions so that he or she can successfully receive, process, and engage with incoming information. 

Designed to challenge, stimulate and enhance

Memory Matrix Challenge at ThinkersBox SAFRA Tampines

ThinkersBoxs activities are based on neuroscience principles to help your child learn important skills like focus, retention, problem-solving and decision-making.

For example, they might be given a Memory Matrix Challenge where they have to remember a grid of numbers or pictures. Or, your children might be given guiding questions to help them reflect on their thinking process, observe things better and connect information more effectively. The goal isnt just to find the right answer. ThinkersBox wants to help your child think about problems in different ways and improve their ability to come up with good solutions.

A personalised learning environment at ThinkersBox

Teachers at ThinkersBox SAFRA Tampines

The experience at ThinkersBox is far from homogeneous. Every kid will partake in an individualised experiential learning journey that is catered to his or her learning style. From personalised study reports to targeted assessments and data collection, ThinkersBox employs an extensive array of learning metrics to provide an accurate evaluation of your child’s profile. 

To understand how to help your child be more focused and reduce their careless mistakes, parents can watch a short online training video from ThinkersBox to understand more.

Before parents consider the ThinkersBox Cognitive Development Programme, they recommend that you bring your child for a one-time hands-on BrainSmart Experiential Class where they will engage in fun brain activities to help improve their attention span, memory, speed of learning and carefulness with details. Parents will also receive an initial learning report to understand how to support their childs learning.

In todays fast-paced and technology-driven world, ThinkersBox knows that it is highly important to develop our kids into critical thinkers who can excel beyond academics.

SAFRA members enjoy exclusive discounted rates when they sign up for ThinkersBox classes. Visit safra.sg/thinkersbox for more information.

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