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By Sean Yee        11 May 2024

When Darren Tay, founder of Public Speaking Academy, stepped onto the stage during the World Championship of Public Speaking competition in 2016, he was in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. He had put it on over a sophisticated suit, but every pair of eyes was on his outlandish undergarment. That was the ice breaker for his insightful presentation on inner strength and courage. A fitting concept, given that he has been motivating his students to give their best at his Public Speaking Academy even today. 

We catch up with the man himself for some simple pointers on how you can not only engage, but captivate your audience’s attention during your own presentations!

Learn from a public speaking champion 

Darren with his students at the National Public Speaking Competition in 2019. (Photo: @darrentaywcps)

Darren was the first Singaporean Toastmasters International World Champion in 2016, going up against more than 30,000 competitors across the globe. After graduating with a Master of Laws from National University of Singapore, Darren worked with institutions such as Hong Kong’s education bureau to design a framework for teachers to effectively coach their students in public speaking. Fast forward to today, over 250,000 students and working professionals have benefited from his training sessions and his best-selling book “Express to Impress”. 

At the Public Speaking Academy, you can expect a masterclass taught by a master speaker who has walked the talk. 

His secret recipe

Photo: @darrentaywcps

Remember that facts tell, but stories sell.” 

Today, Darren shows us just a small part of his arsenal of effective communication tools. From telling evocative stories to incorporating quotations, statistics and rhetorical questions, he illustrates that public speaking is more of a cultivated skill than a test you can study for. 

Classes at the Public Speaking Academy will incorporate Darren’s signature style, from narrative-driven pitches to audience engagement and statistical novelties. 

Aspiring presenters are introduced to 6 core communication dimensions that combine into a reliable guide for interviews, oral examinations and even improvised everyday chatter. Lessons include power posing, story-crafting and charisma-building. 

A vibrant and lively classroom

Photo: @darrentaywcps

Of course, an academy dedicated to public speaking has to be anything but mundane. This isn’t your usual class where you simply take notes from a PowerPoint deck. 

Students will have ample opportunities to expand on the techniques taught by the Public Speaking Academy’s team of master trainers. After they have been introduced to the more theoretical aspects of communication, the class will then break out into small and intimate groups where they can put these learning points into action. 

Active and mutual learning is often emphasised, as students will need detailed feedback from both trainers and their peers to craft their personal showcase presentation, which they will eventually share with the entire class. It’s never too late to learn the nuances of public speaking and effective communication, as these are skills that are timeless and evergreen. 

The Public Speaking Academy has classes for both children and adult learners.  

Sign up for Public Speaking Academy’s classes at safra.sg/public-speaking-academy. And if you’re a SAFRA member, you enjoy a 15% discount on selected courses!

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