Tune Up By Tuning In With Some Nifty Music Devices

Your best earbud buddies to have while exercising, commuting or chilling out at home.

By Chris Ong        20 August 2021

Music does many things; it makes the world go round, brings people together, and on a less loftier but no-less-important scale, makes our everyday-living more pleasurable. So, it makes perfect auditory sense to listen to your fave tunes when going about your day. Here are 4 wireless in-ear devices to keep the music playing and you going (whilst keeping you connected for calls), wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Photo: IMS Marketing Singapore

JBL TUNE 125 TWS, $149

Let’s say you just want a frills-free, convenient-to-use companion for your daily work commute or for when you’re staying in; here’s that trusty, affordable sub-$150 companion. Its brand makers, the popular audio-tech specialists JBL, have made sure it has got all your needs covered. It’s an easy-peasy tap & play piece – just take them out of the case, then tap and pair with your device. What’s more, its Dual Connect function lets you listen to music or make a call on either one or both buds, or even use one while charging the other. Sound-wise, it functions as good as any top model: the JBL Pure Bass feature gives extra low-end kick, with a maximum battery playtime of 8 hours that should last you through the day. The best thing? You’ve got 6 colour options (black, blue, pink, green, golden and white) to choose from, making this really a “sound” lifestyle choice.


Available at IMS Singapore, www.imssg.com; www.facebook.com/imsoundsg; www.instagram.com/imsoundsg


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Photo: One Futureworld

Bose Sport Earbuds, $269

Make your gym session or evening jog more enjoyable with some music, courtesy of these Bose Sport Earbuds. Most audiophiles would recognise Bose as the brand with audio products that look as good as they sound; these earbuds are no different. Designed like capsules or beans (with an eye-catching teal blue version available) that you can stick onto your ears. And they do “stick”; since they are meant to be used for your sporting activities, the earbuds come fitted with StayHear Max tips (they come in 3 sizes, so they can fit any ear canal size) that lets them sit close to your ears and block out ambient noise, while their umbrella-shaped tips and flexible wings keep them in place comfortably without hooks, even if you’re going into beast-mode during your exercise. Don’t worry, they are also sweat and weather resistant, with simple touch controls for answering calls and tuning the volume whenever you need. As for the audio quality, it’s Bose-assured quality; these classy performers feature the brand’s signature Volume-Optimised Active EQ, that automatically boosts both the highs and the lows so your music always sounds sweet (read: balanced).


Available at all One Futureworld stores, multiple locations, https://onefutureworld.com; www.facebook.com/One.Futureworld; www.instagram.com/one.futureworld


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JLab Epic Air Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds, $169

Try this advanced and accessibly-priced pair from JLab. The American personal audio brand has come up with an all-business, all-black looker that’s perfect when you want to look all professional-like. But, here are the real reasons why you should put some money down for this: It offers 48+ hours of Bluetooth 5 playtime (12+ hours for each earbud, and 36+ extra hours from the charging case) and 3 smart active noise control (ANC) modes including the super-useful “Be Aware” mode (for pass through outside noises), that you can further customise via the JLab Air ANC app. Other useful features: a Wear Detect Sensor that helps to pause your music when you take the buds out of your ears and plays it once you put them back in, and a super-low latency Movie Mode that helps to reduce audio lag so voices can match the screen to smoothen your movie-watching experience at home.


Available at the official JLab Audio Singapore store on Shopee Mall; https://intl.jlab.com


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Photo: Sony

Sony WF-XB700 Wireless Headphones with EXTRA BASS, $199

Working up a sweat storm with your HIIT routine or need that push to complete that last lap in your run? Here’s your perfect exercise pal to give you motivation via music. This one’s made to add extra oomph to your songs with Sony’s proprietary EXTRA BASS tech, that gives a deeper, punch-ier dimension to your fave high-energy track. What else makes this your BBBFF (best Bluetooth and bass friend forever): easily accessible buttons that allow you to play, stop, skip or adjust the volume of your music and to connect with your smartphone’s voice assistant for hands-free call operation; the Ergonomic Tri-hold structure and 4 hybrid silicone earbuds so you can find yourself your most secure fit; its IPX4 water resistance rating so sweat won’t get in the way of your music; and a 9-hour-long battery life so you can even run a marathon with them on.


Available at all Sony stores and brand stockists, www.sony.com.sg; www.facebook.com/SonySingapore; www.instagram.com/sonysingapore


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