8 Must-Have Smart Sports Accessories To Get Your IPPT Gold

Work your way to that IPPT gold with these smart and beautifully designed gadgets.

By Sean Yee        24 July 2023

Attaining a gold in the annual Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) is an ongoing, and for some, challenging, endeavour for every NSMan. Check out these novel tech gadgets and gizmos that let you elevate and enrich your exercise routines, paving a smoother path towards that sweet IPPT Gold (and the $500 that comes with it!) 

1. Sony LinkBuds S

Sony’s LinkBuds S wireless earbuds provide everything you would expect of an earbud – its ergonomic form is optimised to fit various ear types, it is easy to carry around with its compact size and it promises sound quality that is both crisp and organic.

Why organic? The LinkBuds S comes with two adjustable modes: Ambient Sound Mode and Noise-Cancelling Mode, which you can select depending on your surroundings and your activities. For places you frequently visit, the buds will learn to tailor an experience befitting your lifestyle and habits.

GOLD Factor: Light, compact, adaptive 

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2. Shokz OpenRun Pro

Alternatively, you can opt for Shokz’s latest bone conduction sports earpiece, which is designed to amplify your runs with reverberating bass drivers and a secure grip. Having to continuously adjust your earpiece during your runs? You won’t have this problem with the OpenRun Pro.

Augmented with high performing bass enhancers not previously available in the original OpenRun, this sports music device delivers defined sound quality in a manner that is both powerful and clear. This is in addition to its ergonomic circular structure, which promises a robust grip even during highly intensive exercises.

GOLD Factor: Secure and unobtrusive, impactful acoustic amplifiers 

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3. ELEEELS M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager

Even as you work hard towards the IPPT gold, remember that muscle recovery is crucial. With 4 integrated modes and 10 power levels, the ELEEELS M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager offers you a whole host of options to help alleviate the muscle stiffness and fatigue that come after an impactful workout session. Its strap-oriented structure promises versatility in its usage, allowing you to concentrate its pressure on specific areas of the body typically unreachable with conventional massage tools.

GOLD Factor: Versatile design, rich array of massage options, mobile 

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4. Garmin Forerunner 265

You can think of a smart watch as a personal assistant – it monitors your training progress, reports your health statistics, and recommends personalised workout routines based on your current habits. It may not be sentient, but it sure is effective! 

Upon your waking up, Garmin’s Forerunner 265 will present a morning report that is fully customisable, presenting training statistics that are relevant to your athletic inclinations. Utilising proprietary analytics, you will gain access to crucial data pertaining to your overall health, such as heart rate variability, sleep efficiency as well as recovery rate after trainings. Especially for marathon runners, the watch has a comprehensive algorithm capable of utilising collected data to propose optimised strategies for your run! 

GOLD factor: First-class data and GPS tracking 

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5. Fitbit Versa 4

A more affordable option, Fitbit’s latest entry to the Versa family is a sleek embodiment of interconnectivity. Outdoor runners will love its Google Maps synchronisation, as you can navigate your way around seamlessly while focusing on your run. You can also easily adjust the watch’s tracking specifications with over 40 internal exercise modes to choose from, whether it is a simple run to HIIT workouts.

Instead of a morning report, it presents a Daily Readiness Score – an all-encompassing evaluation of your physical state that is complemented by recommended fitness goals and workouts.

GOLD factor: Optimisation for Android users, access to Google apps

6. HidrateSpark PRO

“Half water bottle, drink up!” 

Every serviceman knows, through multiple water parades, that the key to peak athletic performance is hydration. 

The HidrateSpark Pro reinvents the conventional water bottle with modern tech, allowing you to track your water consumption in real-time. This one-of-a-kind water bottle is installed with a LED smart sensor that radiates a vibrant glow as a reminder to consume water. Through its proprietary app, you can preview your drinking habits, personalise the LED’s light colour and pattern as well as set your hydration goals.

Afraid of losing what is arguably, the world’s smartest water bottle? It also comes with a Find My Bottle function!

GOLD Factor: Data collection and breakdown, intelligent LED indicator, Find My Bottle feature

7. Tangram Factory LED Smart Rope

Do not underestimate the jump rope – it is an incredibly effective tool to squeeze a quick workout in between the hustle of everyday life. Training for your IPPT has never been more convenient! And now with Tangram Factory’s LED jump rope, you can automatically track your jumping cycles via a detailed breakdown provided by an accompanying app

Equipped with over 23 LEDs, this intelligent skipping rope activates all of them simultaneously to induce a motion-like display indicating your jump count. 

Time to jump your way to the top! 

GOLD Factor: LED Motion Display, data collection 

8. Sensoria Smart Socks

Proper form is equally, or even more important than frequency. Not only will poor form encumber your running speed, it might even lead to pain and injuries in the long run. 

Sensoria’s AI powered socks seeks to right this wrong with textile sensors capable of measuring your running cadence, foot landing technique and impact score, in addition to basic statistics like speed and distance. Connected to its Sensoria Run app, you can view your stats via a real-time dashboard which will suggest how you can fix injury-prone running habits as well as ways to improve your form.

If that isn’t enough, its mobile app also provides you with audio cues determined by data monitored by your socks’ sensors. If you are looking for that extra guidance for your 2.4km run, these smart socks might just give you that edge.

GOLD Factor: Textile sensors, real-time monitoring and audio cues 

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