The Ultimate Guide To Picking The Right Tuition Centre

Here is how you can pick a tuition centre that empowers, and not just teaches.

By Sean Yee        12 June 2023

It is the time of the year again when parental anxiety sets in amidst the upcoming PSLE and GCE O-level National Examinations. Final-year students are literally at their last lap in the academic rat race and understandably, most parents are eager to provide them an extra boost.

If you are one of such parents (or concerned sibling or friend), you have come to the right place! There are more than 800 tuition centres in Singapore and it is unlikely that anyone has the time to filter through an endless list of enrichment classes in time for their child’s exams. Fret not, for we have curated the ultimate guide that you’ll ever only need to pick the perfect tuition centre for your budding and studious learner. 

1. Less is sometimes, more

Does your child really need tuition? It is easy to get lost in the manic craze, otherwise known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), that preludes the examination period. It is already a stressful time for your child, so it is unwise to pile onto his or her existing workload with an additional obligation. 

Golden Tip: Make sure your child is a willing participant in this arrangement. Tuition classes never work if your child’s intentions are not aligned with your own agenda. First ask, then listen before deciding on anything.

2. Never hurts to get a sample

Tuition centres are not enigmatic figures shrouded in mystery, nor should they be. Most established tuition hubs have professional teams dedicated to curriculum conceptualisation and experience curation. You do not want a tuition centre that is merely “winging it” or improvising its lesson plan. 

Golden Tip: Always ask for a comprehensive printout of its curriculum (which they should have and be able to provide). Get sample worksheets as well to ensure that its deliverables are consistent with its planned curriculum. 

3. It takes two hands to clap

As the saying goes, “A great teacher ignites the brilliance within a student.” 

Especially if your child is in desperate need of academic guidance, an experienced and dedicated tutor will be invaluable in expediting the assimilation process. 

Golden Tip: Request a trial session with your chosen tutor. Ensure that the tutor is agreeable with your expectations and goals, and that he or she can accommodate your child’s intrinsic learning needs. 

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4. Flexibility allows for compromise

Engaging a tutor is more of a partnership than a stern enforcement of the client-customer contract. You do not want to have to jump through hoops to just reach your child’s teacher, especially during crunch periods. 

It is also important that you consider the centre’s more administrative elements such as its attendance flexibility. Are makeup lessons limited or even permissible in its terms and conditions? Ideally, you would want a centre that is more accommodating of the changes in your child’s schedule. 

Golden Tip: Enquire about your centre’s attendance and pricing policies and ensure that these are indicated in black and white (e.g. a physical contract). Regarding material fees, you should request a clear breakdown of any additional fees that you might have to incur. 

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Shifting away from conventional strategies that largely focus on mnemonic skills, Model Math’s lesson structure reinforces existing concepts taught in school by leveraging on critical thinking exercises and problem-solving case studies. The very foundation of its lessons hinges on succinct and salient summaries of crucial Mathematical concepts, delivering its nuances in a manner that can be easily understood.

With classes dedicated to a wide range of academic levels, from as early as Nursery 2 to Secondary 4, your child can easily find the guidance he or she will need at Model Math.

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