Father’s Day 2023: 8 Ways To Make Your Dad’s Day

Unique and meaningful ideas to celebrate your dad and put a smile on his face this Father’s Day.

By Sasha Gonzales        14 June 2023

Tired of giving Dad the same-old coffee mugs, socks or books for Father’s Day? You’re not alone – he’s probably hoping you’ll choose something different this year, too. 

Your gift need not be expensive or fancy. Even a thoughtful letter or card or a homemade meal is sure to make Dad happy. If it’s something that can help him achieve his fitness or health goals or develop his professional or personal skills, even better; or he might appreciate the chance to spend more quality time with you. 

Whatever way you decide to say Thank You to the special man in your life, make it heartfelt and meaningful. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

1. Start a new hobby or activity together

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, which you think your dad would like too, then surprise him with it on Father’s Day. Or maybe there’s an activity he’s been wanting to take up but just hasn’t got around to doing yet – if it’s something you’re keen on as well, then why not do it together? Whether it’s a sporty hobby like bowling, fishing or golf, or an activity like carpentry or volunteer work, doing it with Dad is a wonderful way to forge new connections with him while keeping fit, getting creative or doing something good for the community. 

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2. Sign him up for a golf lesson or fitness class

The older Dad gets, the more physically active he ought to be, if his health allows it. If you know there’s a certain part of his body he wants to work on, a specific health goal he’s aiming towards, or a particular sport or activity he wants to learn, get him started by buying him a gym membership, a few sessions with a personal trainer or a month’s worth of classes. Add extra value to this precious gift by including a couple of sporty outfits, a gym bag or workout shoes. 

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3. Write him a heartfelt letter

If you don’t often tell Dad how much he means to you, make your feelings known in a short but sincere letter. Describe all the wonderful things he did for you when you were a child, remind him of the times he was there for you when you needed him, and share with him your hopes for your relationship in the future (for example, that you wish for more closeness or to spend more time together). If you have children, tell him what he’s been like as a grandfather, too. Although this gift is simple, it’s one he will likely treasure for the rest of his life.

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4. Help him improve his professional skills

Whether your dad is retired or not, it won’t hurt for him to pick up a new professional skill or three. Communicating more effectively, tackling stress, being more assertive and writing better emails are all skills that he can use in his personal life, too. Sign him up for a couple of short courses or workshops designed to help with his professional or personal development. 

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5. Share your favourite memories of him

Create a photo slideshow or make a video compilation of your dad, showing all your favourite memories of him as a father over the years. Add funny or heart-warming captions to the slideshow, or narrate the video screening, to give it a more personal touch. Work on these photo and video memories with your siblings so that you have more to show Dad. If you want to be extra creative, you can turn the videos into a “movie”, complete with an interesting storyline. On Father’s Day, play the slideshow or movie for him and watch his face light up.

6. Compile his top “dad jokes” or favourite sayings

If you grew up with Dad cracking silly jokes or coming up with his own unique “pearls of wisdom”, now’s the perfect time to put them all together in a little homemade book or card so that he can view them all at once. He will certainly appreciate the gesture, especially if you take the time to give him your own interpretation of each one or tell him what you learnt from them over the years. 

7. Help him out around the house

Even if your father fancies himself a “handyman”, you can still offer to help him with things that need fixing, repairing, painting, assembling, and so on. Or maybe he needs help decluttering, reorganising items in the cupboards, or moving furniture. On Father’s Day, tell Dad to sit back and relax while you get to work checking off all the items on his to-do list.  

8. Make him a song playlist

What were Dad’s favourite songs while he was growing up? Compile his “Top 40” into a playlist so that he can listen to them while exercising, relaxing or driving. It’ll help transport his mind to his carefree youth and bring back a flood of positive memories. 

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