The No-Hype Sneakers Selection Vol. 10

New season, new shoes.

By Chris Ong        23 July 2021

The sale period’s coming to an end, and you have bought more shoes than you have feet to wear them. Or, maybe you never did find your perfect pair, you Cinderella or Cinderfella you, because you don’t go for past-season products or just want the newest-of-the-new ones. We got you; here’s a special 6 that you might have glanced over once (because you could have been busy sorting for other buys), but ought to take a second look at. You’re welcome.


“The No-Hype Sneakers Selection” is our fortnightly curation of the not-so-hot but oh-so-cool shoes that you might have missed out on.

Loreto gold trim sneakers - Arden Teal
Photo: Arden Teal

Loreto gold trim sneakers, $129, Arden Teal

Let’s say you want to go minimal, clean-cut and have a sneaker that goes with any outfit. Yet, you don’t want to spend too much on a pair and not get noticed for your spanking, fresh shoes? This is your next new fave to get. It’s a handsome high-quality white sneak; the upper’s made from waxed Argentinean calfskin full grain leather that’s hand painted and hand burnished, and comes leather lined with a leather padded insole. Couple all that with a reinforced stacked heel and anti-slip rubber outsole, and you have a smart-casual but luxe-looking sneak that’s perfect for your weekend jaunts. Oh, and it’s got that flash of gold at the heel tab to bring the right touch of flair (and the eyes of the public) onto what you wear.

Available at Arden Teal,  www.facebook.com/ArdenTeal; www.instagram.com/ardenteal


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Unisex Velocious white shoes - CFOOT
Photo: CFOOT

Unisex Velocious white shoes, $289, CFOOT

If you are going to place some good money on a new sneaker, might as well make sure it’s super comfy and fitted just for your trotters, ya? Like this one from CFOOT, footwear experts providing “Singapore’s Most Comfortable Shoes & Custom Insoles”. This sporty unisex pair (it goes from size 35W to 45W) is lightweight; has a two-stage heel absorption system that allows its wearer to stand or run for longer without experiencing heel pain; and is constructed with soft, breathable material so one’s feet is shod in snugness. Plus point: It looks as trendy as any of the hyped shoes out there, but made cooler and comfier.

Available at CFOOT stores, multiple locations, https://cfoot.co; www.facebook.com/Cfoot.co; www.instagram.com/cfootsingapore


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Women Sport Shoes - Dr Kong
Photo: Dr. Kong

Women Sport Shoes (DK-CN000305-LPK), $189, Dr. Kong

Regularly participating in some kind of sporting activity is good for your general health, but so is wearing the right kind of sport shoes regularly. And, we trust that functional foot and spine health product specialist Dr. Kong, offers exactly that. This lightweight sneaker is for the ladies; it’s made wider so you’ve got more space to wiggle your toes, a hard heel counter to control heel valgus (outward drifting of the heel) and prevent tired feet, and comes affixed with an anti-slip outsole to reduce accidental trips, slips and falls, and getting all hurt and red-faced as a result. And, even if you aren’t wearing them specially for your daily jog, they are pretty-in-pink enough to don out for outings with the bae or fam.

Available at Dr. Kong stores, multiple locations, www.drkong.com.sg; www.facebook.com/DrKong-Singapore-548177741894434; www.instagram.com/drkong.singapore


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New Balance X Jaden Smith Vision Racer - New Balance
Photo: HBX

New Balance X Jaden Smith Vision Racer, $225 (USD $164), New Balance

We know that Jaden Smith’s New Balance Vision Racer design is not for everyone (too chunky, too bright, too blocky a split sole), but this one might change your mind. It’s the same low top model, but done up in the brand’s can-be-said-to-be signature colour scheme; shades of grey that all sneakerheads know are strongly associated with or even symbolic of the brand’s functional and lifestyle-sports aesthetic. It’s a classic case of, well, classic meets fashionably progressive.

Available at HBX


Printed Atlas sneakers - Pedro
Photo: Pedro

Printed Atlas sneakers (in white), $79.90, Pedro

Wanna go casual and white for your footwear but afraid it might be too boring a look? Try this printed pair. Featuring what seems to be a cross between an animal print, paint streaks, camouflage pattern and mineral/stone cracks, this chalky-slash-papery looking sneakers is a muted microfibre and canvas head-turner. Pair with smart shorts or chinos to put together your Sunday Best.

Available at Pedro stores, multiple locations, www.pedroshoes.com/sg


Vans X Project CAT ComfyCush Era
Photo: Vans

Vans X Project CAT ComfyCush Era, $119, Vans

Here’s a great way to do eye-catching print, street style and fashion on a good-for-nature mission. Skatewear brand Vans has teamed up with the Discovery Channel for a capsule collection in support of Project CAT, to help ensure a healthy habitat for our large furry feline friends, the tigers. How so? Vans and Discovery Channel will be donating $20,000 directly to the World Wildlife Fund, and you, can help bring awareness by buying and slipping on these all-over jungle + tiger + iconic Vans checkerboard print casual lace-ups.

Available at Vans stores, multiple locations, www.vans.com.sg