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Passion and altruism go hand in hand for badminton lover Mike Khoo.

By Edmund Wee      14 May 2019

As a badminton buff, Mike Khoo Yong Chuan knows more than anyone else the importance of volunteering at SAFRA Social Badminton Club. “It really boils down to passion, as I enjoy playing badminton. Volunteering is to help ensure that we have all the right support and equipment to assist our social day sessions,” says the 45-year-old, who currently works as a sales manager at an MNC. He shares more with NSMan about his love of badminton, as well as the importance of volunteering.

Mike Khoo’s love of badminton has shown him the importance of volunteer work for the community.

When did you join SAFRA Social Badminton Club?

I have been playing at the Club since 2007 and joined the Committee three years ago.

What are some of the things you do as a Committee member?

My role is to support the Club chairman. My duties include ensuring that we have sufficient shuttlecocks and that the nets are properly set up on our social Tuesdays. I also make sure that our players are in proper attire.

Camaraderie and community: Badminton buffs coming together for the love of the sport on social day sessions.

When did you start playing badminton and how did it turn into a passion?

I’ve enjoyed playing badminton since I was a kid, but I wasn’t very good at the time. When I was in university, I got to know a friend who’s very good at the sport. He guided me to be a better player. This made me appreciate and enjoy the game much more. This was also the reason why I decided to join the Club in 2007.

Share a moment that took place at the Club that left a deep impression on you.

It was an incident that involved a player suffering an injury on a social Tuesday a year ago. He was trying to recover a shot but mistimed his footwork and was injured. Even though it was an unfortunate incident, one could see the camaraderie that was present among the players – they stopped their game to offer support to the injured man.

What are some of the changes you hope to see at the Club in the future?

On top of getting more supplies, we hope for more opportunities to interact with SAFRA on how to improve the Club.


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