The Gift of Education

SAFRA’s bond-free Education Scheme is all about enabling dreams.

By Edmund Wee      15 July 2019

Xu averred: “Go into it for the right reasons. Never pursue studies for the sole purpose of obtaining a certificate, or with the intention of furthering your career. Because if you don’t end up achieving those goals, you’d have wasted your time and energy.

“Find something you enjoy, because as clichéd as it sounds, part of furthering your studies is the journey. You want to be able to enjoy that process.”

Tay also offers advice for SAFRA Members who are considering the scheme. “Inspire the selection team with your ambitions and goals in life,” he said. “I believe they will seriously consider your application.”

Khairilanwar adds: “This scheme has helped recipients to achieve their dreams of higher education as well as attaining better career trajectories. Having experienced it, I am definitely keen on paying it forward as a volunteer. Through this, I can make an impact to fellow SAFRA Members.”

For Jethro Xu, SAFRA’s Education Scheme trumped other scholarship programmes in the market as it is bond-free. To find out more about the SAFRA Education Scheme, visit www.safra.sg/education. Applications for the upcoming intake will close on 30 Sep 2019.


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