Patriotic Extravaganza

Celebrate National Day with a day of family fun and food at all five SAFRA clubs island-wide.

By Edmund Wee      16 July 2019

The date 9 Aug is not just a day of commemorating history through the independence of Singapore – it is also a day to celebrate patriotism and, more importantly, unity and community.

To celebrate this day, SAFRA has organised a string of activities for family bonding at all six clubs island-wide in patriotic and fun-loving style. To commemorate Singapore’s 54th year of independence, SAFRA will be organising a smorgasbord of games and activities for young and old alike from 3pm to 8pm.

Grab a bite of nostalgia at booths selling traditional Singapore snacks and foods of yesteryear such as kachang puteh and ice lollies. Other activities catered to families include DIY facemask booths, photo-taking booths, arts and crafts, and colouring activities for the kids.

There are plenty of activities to entice young and old alike, including lots of food and game booths.

A myriad of local games close to the hearts of Singaporeans – such as hopscotch, zero point, chapteh, bola tins and five stones will also be available. Families can also participate in “face painting”, donning face paint in Singapore’s national colours of red and white to heighten the carnival-like atmosphere with a strong touch of patriotic pride.

There are also plenty of perks for SAFRA members, for instance, NDP engagement fun packs. On top of that, those members who come dressed in Singapore’s national colours will also be able to get their hands on exclusive vouchers.

For those who would like to soak up the patriotic atmosphere without having to jostle with the thousands of revellers at the annual National Day Parade (NDP), there will be a live broadcast of the NDP procession.

The much-anticipated evening procession will be screened “live” across the clubhouses (with the exception of SAFRA Yishun) starting from 6.30pm, followed by the singing of the National Anthem and pledge taking.


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