The Boss Ninja

From undergraduate to logistics expert, Ninja Van co-founder and CEO Lai Chang Wen talks about becoming the region’s premier delivery service provider.

By Alywin Chew      5 January 2018

But Lai said that the hardships he and his co-founders had to endure were well worth it. “I think I have accomplished and matured more than I expected when I first started on this journey. But along the way, I have also realised that there are many more gaps to fill in terms of experience and knowledge,” he said.

“Having a learn-it-all attitude and a mind-half-full mentality definitely pushes me to keep going!” Of course it’s not all work and no play for startup entrepreneurs, if they can multi-task. Lai said that he plays golf with his friends, as the open greens help him to calm down and recollect his thoughts. He is also dating someone, though he is quick to lament that he does not have much of a work-life balance.

Despite the hardships, he has not a shred of regret over his career choice. “I live my life by minimising regret. I am aware that, to do anything well, one has to focus. I believe in being fully committed to an idea when I start on it, and will focus on it as long as it is viable. Starting other businesses is not on my mind,” he said.

“When the going gets tough, I believe in persevering and not giving up. Running a business means having to be resilient and tackling the curve balls that are thrown my way. Failure due to market conditions or wrong business decisions are acceptable; those due to laziness or distractions are not!”


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