Staying Fit, Getting Ripped

Getting ripped and staying fit is not always easy, but if you are consistent, progress is sure to follow. Time to train smart and get out of your comfort zone together with EnergyOne.

By Kerry Yip      4 November 2020
(L-Middle)Reverse Lunges With A Resistance Band, (R) Single-Leg Lifts
3. Reverse Lunges With A Resistance Band

Lunges are one of the most functional and commonly performed lower-body exercises due to its execution flexibility. However, this is one exercise that most people execute poorly. As an exercise, this tandem position closely mimics our daily motion, and is ideal to master as it challenges our balance and coordination, and even improves our walking and running. Lunges increase overall efficacy and prevent lower-body injuries during repetitive strength or core training.

Adding reverse lunges into your training forces you to bear more weight through your front leg and gives your glutes a good workout.

• Loop your resistance band around a stable structure.

• Place either your left or right leg in the resistance band. Ensure band is just below your knee.

• Contract your stomach and tighten your glutes.

• Step back into a lunge.

• As you lunge and sit back on your glutes, resist the pull of the band on your right leg. This move activates your glutes and quadriceps muscles in the front of your thighs.

• Hold for 2-5 seconds and come back to the starting position.

• Do 12 repetitions for both legs.

Tng points out that a common mistake during lunge execution is when the gluteus medius and maximus muscles are bearing the weight while doing double duty of stabilising the hip and pelvis. When these muscles don’t activate during the lunge, the front knee will move inwards, placing your kneecap in an extremely disadvantageous position, which can result in knee injury and pain.

He recommends doing this exercise in front of a mirror to monitor your positioning.

4. Single-Leg Lifts

Tng’s recommendation: Partner single-leg lifts with deadlifts (using weights you are comfortable with) once you are well-adjusted to these lifts, as a combination of lifting and leg lifts is slightly trickier to master. Tip: Ensure your hips and core are stable when the foot is off the ground, with your full weight on the grounded foot.


• Stand with feet comfortably apart, leaning fully on left foot.

• Extend your right leg while keeping the left straight and grounded. Do this till you feel the stretch in your core and quadriceps.

• To feel the contraction of your core and quadriceps, pause briefly during your left foot extension.

• Hold for 2-5 seconds and return to the starting position.

• Do 12 repetitions for both feet.


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