Staying Fit, Getting Ripped

Getting ripped and staying fit is not always easy, but if you are consistent, progress is sure to follow. Time to train smart and get out of your comfort zone together with EnergyOne.

By Kerry Yip      4 November 2020

Now that circuit breaker measures are lifted and the days of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) at home are almost muscle memory, what can you do to move on from just staying fit to getting ripped? Lesser known to others, HIIT workouts are technically part of an overarching fitness approach known as metabolic training. This is a hybrid of anaerobic strength training and cardio exercises. With proper guidance for metabolic training, you can fire up your stagnant metabolism – a definite plus for a longer duration of calorie burning.

George Tng, a SAFRA EnergyOne personal trainer, is an advocate for metabolic workouts flexibility as it is great for anyone, from martial arts practitioners to the general exercise layman. Age should not be a deterrent to keeping fit and healthy, which he emphasises when one decides to embark on such training. He recommends picking up tips from live streams (EnergyOne Facebook Page has a plethora of options for fitness enthusiasts) or to schedule a session with a fitness instructor at the gym before doing anything that could cause injury if one is not careful.

Recommended Metabolic Conditioning Workout Set

Minimum 3 sets of each exercise, with 12 repetitions.

1. Warm-Up Sets

Before jumping into your workout, as metabolic training usually involves heavy strength exercises (with resistance bands, barbells or dumbbells), make sure you work in some warm-up sets with the
weights you will be training with for each exercise. Start light with the equipment to work on your form and to get your body acquainted with the movement.

2. Punching Bags

The heavy bag is not just for practicing punches and kicks – it can increase muscle power and strength with better balance and coordination. The muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs
and core will all be engaged, making this exercise an all-rounder for a full-body workout. Beginners should start slow and focus on straight punches or quick jabs, with the full extension of your elbow towards the front when delivering these jabs, which will build strength and impact.

Newbies should ensure that their master foot is always stable and positioned in the same direction as the punches delivered. Seasoned gym-goers can add a resistance band to increase core strength intensity, and activation of the triceps and right chest muscles.


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