Score Your Soccer Goals With Lion City Sailors Football School

Inspire your child with the fiery spirit of soccer!

By Sean Yee        10 April 2023

Is your child ready to take his or her interest in soccer to the next level?

Lion City Sailors Football School’s soccer classes will push the boundaries of your child’s potential, embracing competitiveness to build a fighting spirit. Think of the football school as a gateway for your child to truly expand on their ambition, determination and fortitude – traits that will be invaluable in their personal growth. While here, you can expect your child to be mentored by football veterans, eager to impart some of their most inspiring life lessons. 

Push the limits of your child’s potential

Lion City Sailors Football School’s focus is on the success of their aspiring young footballers. Helmed by elite soccer coaches from some of the top football clubs, including the likes of Feyenoord Rotterdam, Slovenia National Team and Dundee FC, the School has cultivated a highly driven athletic curriculum that has propelled some of Singapore’s rising soccer stars onto the national stage.

Suitable for beginners and seasoned players alike, their classes will impart techniques and strategies which define this competitive sport. Remember, coaches are on a constant lookout for budding talents. Who knows? Your kid may even get a surprise invitation to join its competitive programme.

NSman caught up with the Sailor’s own professional players, Hami Syahin and Haiqal Pashia, before the start of the 2023 season to share training techniques that can kickstart your kid’s foray into the soccer realm!

Technique 1: Glancing before getting the ball

  • When the ball is in the possession of another player or teammate, take a quick glance back to have a bird’s eye view of your environment
  • Squeeze in a split-second glance when the ball is travelling towards you
  • Your body should be in a half turn position as the ball is travelling towards you, so that you can quickly do a quick turn after receiving the ball

Technique 2: Defending 

  • Push the opponent in a direction away from the goalpost. Ensure that you maintain a low stance with your knees slightly bent.
  • Contain the opponent and wait for the right moment to intervene, using the foot closer to the opponent
  • Get in between the ball and the opponent

Technique 3: Flip Flap

  • Push the ball with the inside of your foot
  • Immediately change your direction with the outside foot
  • Trick your opponent and speed off

Kick off a great opportunity

Lion City Sailors Football School’s General Programme is specifically tailored to promising footballers, with a distinct training framework that revolves around physical, cognitive and psychosocial competencies. Children from 3 to 8 years old will undergo the School’s Learn to Play curriculum and those above the age of 8 will be enrolled in its Learn to Train curriculum. 

If your kid already is well-versed in the necessary soccer fundamentals, the School’s competitive programme is a much better fit as it entails greater exposure outside of the field. In addition to training sessions, your kid will have the opportunity to participate in overseas football tournaments, engage in friendly matches with local teams and go on an annual overseas football holiday intended to cultivate a love for the sport and rapport with his/her teammates. 

Spots are filling up fast for the School’s upcoming semesters, so sign your child up for a trial class now! A breakdown of the fees can be found here.


Lion City Sailors Football School conducts their training at SAFRA Tampines and SAFRA members enjoy 20% off registration fees. For more info, go to safra.sg/whats-on/tm-soccer

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