Saving The Planet One (Less) Bubble Tea At A Time

88.3JIA DJ Ivy reveals some easy, everyday things you can do to live sustainably while still enjoying life.

By Ryan Wee        13 September 2021

Perhaps you started reading at “Saving the planet…” and are about to click out at the thought of giving up your beloved bubble tea.

Hold up! We’re not asking you to do the impossible, don’t worry.

But that’s why we think Ivy from 88.3JIA is such a heroine.

This radio jock’s burning sparkling passion for living green makes her do things that almost put tears in our eyes.

And it’s not difficult to start thinking about our planet a little more in how we do life every day.

Hear Ivy share tips easy enough even for a child!

1. What does living sustainably look like for the everyday person?

Like every everyday person—with a big bag! BYO (Bring your own) is the easiest first step to take, when trying to reduce the use of disposable plastic wares.

2. Why go eco-friendly? How does it benefit us?

I think we’re all aware of the effects of climate change. We are at a point where most everyone can feel it.

Personally, being eco-friendly is more than just fighting climate change. It’s about understanding this world that we are living in, being in touch with it, and also being responsible for our Earth.

If we work hard to keep our own homes clean, why not the planet that we are living on?

883 jia ivy thinking green
Photo: @883ivy

3. Can you share 3 important ways for living sustainably?

a) Being aware of the environmental impact of your daily decisions.
b) Understanding that you don’t have to be the “perfect” eco warrior. Playing a small part is better than doing nothing.
c) Understand that trying to be eco-friendly is not always convenient. It can be very tedious, but it is not difficult. As long as we are willing, there is a way. There are a hundred ways to be more sustainable, pick one that works for you. Start small. Start somewhere.

4. What is something unsustainable that we’re unknowingly doing every day? How can we stop?

We don’t reuse enough. A lot of food products that we buy, especially from the supermarkets, come in a lot of plastic packaging. Those can be reused as trash bags, instead of thrown away into bigger trash bags.

5. We hear you’re an avid diver. What can we do to help protect our oceans?

Minimise your disposable plastic usage. They pose a big threat to our marine eco system. The ones we can see are the marine animals getting caught and tangled and sometimes strangled by the plastic trash.

The ones that we can’t see, like microplastics, pose an even bigger threat. There is inevitable disposable plastic usage, especially in the medical field, during this pandemic. Hence, we could try to reduce our plastic usage in other areas.

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Photo: @883ivy

6. Tell us the most radical thing you do in the name of sustainability?

Not exactly radical, but sometimes I choose not to buy bubble tea if I forget to bring my plastic cup, even if I am really craving for it.

7. That’s definitely radical in our book. But we’re on board! How can we inspire someone else to live sustainably too?

Any small step taken helps, you don’t have to turn into an eco-warrior overnight.

The best and most sustainable way is to make small changes to your lifestyle. Like bringing around a reusable bag for a start or recycling at home or in the office. You can also use existing plastic packaging as rubbish bags instead of throwing them away and relying solely on plastic carriers.

For more words of wisdom from Ivy, catch her on 88.3JIA, weekdays from 9pm to 12midnight!

Featured image: Ivy Tan