Congratulations To The SAFRA Grand Prize Winner

Now the proud owner of an Opel Grandland Turbo, winner Nizal Razali tells us how he felt when he learnt that he won.

By Sean Tan        1 April 2021

Held between 1 January to 31 December 2020, the SAFRA Membership Grand Draw 2020 was an extravaganza that featured up to $120,000 worth of prizes to be given out to SAFRA members. To take part and increase their chances, SAFRA members simply had to sign up or renew their SAFRA membership, sign up for a new SAFRA EnergyOne Gym membership or let their unredeemed SAFRAPOINTS be converted into Grand Draw chances.

Opel Grandland Turbo
The Grand Prize of the SAFRA Membership Grand Draw 2020: Opel Grandland Turbo (Photo: Opel)

The prizes were all attractive, from the Grand Prize of an Opel Grandland Turbo to the runner-up prizes of luxury massage products and staycation delights at Sentosa, there were a total of 50 prizes given out to lucky SAFRA members.

The winner of the Grand Prize of Opel Grandland Turbo is 24-year-old Nizal Razali, a student who’s currently studying for a degree in Sport Science and Management in NTU and he has been a SAFRA member since 2017.  The prize presentation ceremony was held on 12 March at SAFRA Mount Faber. Here, we asked Nizal about how he felt about winning, and also his plans to celebrate the win.

Grand Prize Winner
SAFRA Membership Grand Draw 2020 winner Nizal Razali being presented his prize by Donald Tan (left), DY CEO (Business Strategies), SAFRA, and Wynn Pang (right), Head of Business Development, Autogermany Pte Ltd.

1. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the SAFRA Grand Draw! Tell us how you feel about winning.

Winning the Grand Draw was pretty surreal. I did not expect myself to win the lucky draw and definitely not a car!

2. Did you expect to win or did this come as a surprise for you?

Winning the Grand Draw came as a total surprise to me when I received a call from SAFRA to notify me that I had won the Grand Prize. I still remember answering the call and thinking that it was a scam (laughs).

3. What did you do to take part in this contest? Did you have to accumulate your chances when you entered?

Just by being a member of SAFRA entitled me to a single chance for the draw and I didn’t do anything else to increase my chances. I guess signing up as a member of SAFRA during BMT was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

4. Now that you are the owner of a brand new Opel Grandland Turbo, what’s the first thing you will do when you received it?

Unfortunately, I don’t have my driving license yet. If I had one, I would definitely take it out for a drive. I guess the first thing I would do now is to get my license.

Grand Prize Winner with his family
Nizal Razali with his family. (Photo: Nizal Razali)

5. Tell us how you feel about the Opel Grandland Turbo.

The overall sporty body kit design of the Opel Grandland Turbo is definitely to my liking. It is also the perfect size for my family.

6. How do you intend to celebrate your win? Are you going to organise a party or give family and friends a treat?

I intend to celebrate the win with my family. And there is no better way other than going out for a drive with the Opel Grandland Turbo and treating them to dinner!

7. Any last words to the organiser SAFRA regarding the Grand Draw contest?

I would like to say thank you for this opportunity to take part in the Grand Draw which gave me the chance to win. After winning this draw, I am definitely going to stay up to date with the events and promotions that SAFRA has in line for their members in the future!

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