Blurry, Double Vision? 7 Tips To Avoid WFH Eye Strain

If you find your eyes becoming more tired and strained after all the months of working from home, you’re not alone.

By Steve Thio      2 April 2021

With more time spent on Zoom calls while you work from home, watching Netflix (instead of painting the town red) or just whiling the hours away glued to your mobile phone screen, your eyes have it the worst. They get itchy and tired, watery or overly dry and in some cases, develop blurry or double vision along with redness, grittiness and headaches!

Before your condition and eyesight get worse, here are some easy tips to keep your eyes strain-free.

Distance Is Good

Avoid gazing too closely at your laptop or mobile phone; an arm’s length away from your laptop is a good gauge.

Blue Light

Download or install a blue light filter in your devices as this will help reduce the amount of blue light emitted from the screen and thus, decrease eye strain. You wont feel so tired as well, as the filter helps to reduce the production of melatonin.


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