Refresh, Relax & Rejuvenate: 9 Massages & Treatments For Men

Get some well-deserved pampering and treatments for your mental and physical well-being.

By Steve Thio        7 December 2021

With the ongoing work from home and safe distancing measures, most of us are feeling stressed out. More people are suffering from body aches, muscle tension, headaches and other physical and mental ailments linked to the ongoing pandemic situation.

Besides physical exercises and other activities to help maintain good health, we also need some self-pampering to help with our mental and physical wellbeing. It can be taking some time out for your own interests, or just indulging in activities and experiences that bring you contentment and happiness.

And one of the best treatments to help soothe body, mind and frayed nerves is a massage! Here are some of the best treatments to try out and pamper yourself with:

The Spa By The Ultimate

The Spa by The Ultimate at SAFRA Punggol offers more than rejuvenating treatments and massages: the space offers a serene and calm ambience with a gorgeous view of the Punggol Waterway through expansive floor to ceiling windows.

And if youre looking for something more than traditional massages, The Spa by The Ultimate offers the Meridian Therapy (120mins), a massage technique that is done on a machine with infrared therapy and suction.

Meridian Therapy helps relieve sore, tense and knotted muscles. More importantly, it helps to unblock the meridian points on the body to allow its ‘qi’ to flow better, and help the body achieve its optimal natural balance. Ginseng oil is used for this massage to help relieve tiredness and increase the energy level.

SAFRA members enjoy a 10% discount. For more information, visit www.safra.sg/lifestyle/the-spa-by-the-ultimate

#04-05 SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Crescent

Sri Bayu Spa Zen Odyssey

Different massage treatments for the body use different healing approaches and at Sri Bayu Spa Zen Odyssey at Safra Yishun, their expert masseurs will determine the suitable massage to cater to your  preference or health concerns. They will also bear in mind your pain tolerance as well. These are the treatments they recommend for men who need some pampering:

The Deep Tissue Massage

A massage treatment that is mainly used to treat muscle strains and sports injuries, this is beneficial for athletes, runners, cyclists or anyone who experiences chronic muscle injuries.

The massage movement is much slower, and isolated pressure is applied on the deepest layers of the muscles and connective tissues to relieve soreness and tension. Masseurs will concentrate on the exact location of the discomfort, and elbows and forearms may be used to increase pressure during the treatment.

The massage helps provide pain relief from athletic injury and improve recovery from muscle fatigue. It also helps increase joint mobility and flexibility. The spa uses ginger essential oil for this massage as it is known to help with pain relief.

The Balinese Massage 

This massage is a traditional treatment from Bali that combines acupressure and aromatherapy. It is a particularly useful massage for sportsmen, gym-goers, or even work-from-home men who are looking to experience a unique massage technique to realign the qiand helps stabilise their mood.

The massage involves firm yet gentle strokes, stretches and kneading techniques that mainly target precise pressure points from the scalp to foot. The massage will help soothe damaged tissues and strained muscles, stimulate the flow of blood, relieve joint pain and help one achieve mental and emotional stability.

Combining the Balinese massage with an essential oil* like lemongrass greatly helps to relax sore muscles and reduce anxiety.

*Sri Bayu Spa highly advises customers to consider possible allergy to the essential oils. Their expert masseurs will recommend alternative essential oils during the treatment.

SAFRA members can enjoy a session of Foot Reflexology starting from $12 for 15 minutes. For more information, visit www.safra.sg/lifestyle/sri-bayu-zen-odyssey-spa

#01-09 SAFRA Yishun Country Club, 60 Yishun Ave 4

Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Singapore

Probably one of the most luxurious local spas, Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Singapore offers serene surroundings and immersive treatments that help restore both your mental and physical wellness, and free you of tensions and stresses. If you’re feeling sore, the spa recommends the following treatments:

The Deep Tissue Massage 

The massage (60 or 90 mins) technique uses firm hands, forearms and elbows to execute long strokes which help stretch the muscles and release tension. Massage pressure varies from medium to deep pressure, and the therapist applies relevant pressure depending on the guest’s preference whilst still ensuring their comfort.

Asian Blend Massage

This massage (60 or 90 mins) is good for both men and women. It helps to reduce chronic muscle pain and break up scar tissue and is also great for stress relief. The Asian Blend massage is a combination of various traditional Asian techniques and therapeutic rituals using Thai pressure points, Balinese and Malaysian massage strokes, Chinese energy flow, and Indian marma points to help with insomnia and increasing range of limb motion as it also incorporates some passive yoga movements.

Chi, The Spa also uses a range of oils from Kerstin Florian which is from the US. Guests are invited to choose their preferred massage oil before treatment begins.

SAFRA members receive 15% off all spa treatments of 60 mins or more. For more information, visit www.safra.sg/promotions/chi-the-spa-at-shangri-la-singapore

22 Orange Grove Road, Level 1 Garden Wing

The Muscle Lab

If youre looking for a massage to relieve your muscles aches and tension after a heavy workout, then opt for specific and effective massages and treatments that target muscles and body aches.

Instead of massage techniques that focus on relaxation, The Muscle Lab recommends the following sports massage techniques which help to improve blood circulation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Overall, you get to unwind mentally and will feel more relaxed, with a more focused and clearer mind.

Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release Treatment & Assisted Stretching

These techniques treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries, and involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles, connective tissues and help to stretch muscles involved in daily activities. The treatment will also help to break up scar tissue and knots that form following an injury, and reduce tension in muscle and tissue.

Cupping Therapy Treatment, also known as (MFD) Myofascial Decompression 

This treatment is a form of soft tissue work that involves a pneumatic pump and plastic vacuum cups that are placed on the skin to release the fascia and muscle tissue underneath.

The above massages and treatments are good for men especially if they are juggling work, family and exercise. Olive oil is used for all massages which helps to improve sleep, strengthen the skin and remove physical and mental fatigue.

For more information, visit www.themusclelabsg.com

317 Beach Road, B1-52/53 City Gate

If youre planning to check out other spas and treatments, here are a few that have exclusive perks and privileges for SAFRA members:

Elements Wellness

SAFRA members get to enjoy a relaxing Therapeutic Body Massage (60min at $53.50 nett; U.P. $128.40) that helps relieve stress, reduce pain, boost mood and promote relaxation. Choice of Massage: Swedish Massage / Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Massage

For more information, visit www.safra.sg/promotions/elementswellness21

Spa Infinity

SAFRA members can enjoy an Anti-Fatigue Body Massage (60min at  $59 nett; U.P. $149.80) which helps relieve stress, reduce pain, boost mood and promote relaxation. Choice of Massage: Swedish Massage / Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Massage. Services include 60min usage of spa facilities.

For more information, visit www.safra.sg/promotions/spa-infinity

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