Recipes: 4 Delicious Coolers To Mix At Home

Take a break and enjoy these refreshing drinks!

By Olivia Lim        22 July 2021

The hot weather just doesn’t seem to be letting up. After a day of working from home, why not take a break and spend some time mixing up a thirst-quenching mocktail or cocktail? Then bring out your good glassware, sit back and sip slowly – you deserve it.

Turandot’s Frozen Lime Margarita

“One of the most food-friendly cocktails, the margarita nails four of the five tastes; the salty rim of the glass, the sweetness of agave, the bitterness of tequila, and the sourness of limes. It is perfectly matched with the Boiled Snowflake Beef we serve at Turandot, as the icy margarita helps to cool down the spiciness, and the salty rim adds some more depth to the savoury food.” – General Manager Peggy Lee, Turandot, SAFRA Mount Faber

Ingredients (Serves 1)

Ice cubes
30ml lime juice
30ml triple sec
45ml tequila
20ml sugar syrup


1. Place ice into blender. Squeeze in some lime juice
2. Add in Cointreau (A premium triple sec orange-flavoured liqueur)
3. Add in tequila and sugar syrup and blend the mixture
4. Coat the rim of your glass with salt. Rubbing a lime onto the rim will help the salt stick
6. Pour the blended mixture into glass. Garnish with lime slice/wheel and serve

Turandot’s Mojito

“One of the most refreshing cocktails around with its fresh mint flavour, a touch of sweetness, tanginess from lime and fizzy soda water to bring it all together.” – General Manager Peggy Lee, Turandot, SAFRA Mount Faber

Ingredients (Serves 1)

2 tbsp sugar
4 lime wedges
6-8 mint leaves
Ice cubes
45ml rum
1/2 cup soda water


1. Pour 2 tbsp/sachets of sugar into glass
2. Squeeze lime into glass. Muddle sugar and lime juice together
3. Crush 6-8 mint leaves in your hands before placing them into glass
4. Place ice into glass. Add 45 ml rum and stir the mixture vigorously
5. Top up with soda water, garnish with mint leaves and serve

(L-R) Calm Waters, RICE Cocktail

Club 5’s Calm Waters Mocktail

“Mocktails are as important as cocktails here at Club 5, and we have put in much effort to curate a really enticing list of non-alcoholic, but no less delicious options. Calm Waters is a refreshing non-alcoholic take on the Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail, made with tropical spices. Our creations take inspiration from the rich and diverse history of the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, and nearby areas of Beach Road, Arab Street and Bugis.” – Head Bartender Jun Han, Club 5 at Parkroyal on Beach Road

Ingredients (Serves 1)

15ml turmeric galangal syrup (1 part turmeric/2 parts galangal juice)
30ml pineapple juice
20ml lime juice
150 ml ginger beer
Dehydrated or fresh pineapple slice


1. To make turmeric galangal syrup:
– Clean and cut turmeric and galangal into small pieces and juice
– Measure turmeric (50ml) and galangal juice (100ml) and add equal parts sugar (150ml) to create syrup
– Dissolve mixture over low heat and let cool. Strain with a mesh filter
2. Combine turmeric galangal syrup, pineapple juice and lime juice
3. Pour mixture into a glass full of ice. Mix and top with ginger beer
4. Garnish with dehydrated or fresh pineapple slice, and enjoy!

IKO’s RICE Cocktail

“RICE is a simple yet sophisticated concoction that marries Japanese and French ingredients, and is a reflection of my signature culinary style at IKO. Its playful aroma reminds me of my favourite childhood snack, “Wang Wang” rice crackers.” – Head Chef Jeremmy Chiam, IKO

Ingredients (Serves 6)

300gm Japanese rice
700ml Lillet Blanc
400ml sake (dry)
60gm honey
24 ice cubes


1. Toast rice over medium heat till brown. Combine toasted rice with Lillet Blanc in a bowl to infuse overnight (8 hours)
2. Strain rice from mixture
3. Add sake and honey to the mixture. Mix well
4. Pour into 6 serving glasses and serve chilled

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