Calm Yourself With Some Soothing Tech (Part 2)

Chill out with ease with these 4 well-being and relaxation devices.

By Chris Ong      22 July 2021

Continuing on from our feature on the lifestyle accessories to get to make you feel like you’re on holiday every day (read Part 1 here for our first batch of devices and doodads), we put together here a compact, portable air purifier; an ergonomic percussion massage gun; an office-appropriate foot massage pad; and a cute eye mask massager for cat lovers and sleepyheads.


Dr. Rock Lite+ Massage Gun
Photo: Rack85

Dr. Rock Lite+ Massage Gun, $339, Zikko

Here’s another massage gun for you if the Lisscode one (read about it in part 1) doesn’t go with your lifestyle aesthetic or needs. Looking like a high-tech black and white piece of equipment that fell off a Transformer robot, this has got both a functional design and actual functioning massage features. Like all all percussive devices of similar make, it’s meant to promote blood circulation, and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. But, it aims to do it better; the gun is designed with an ergonomic handle so you carry out your DIY massage in more flexible ways and with a better grip. And, since you can hold it with two hands, it’s perfect for using to shower some TLC on your favourite peeps! As for its specs, it comes with 4 interchangeable heads, a long-service life removable Li-ion battery and a carrying case, and features 3 gear speeds (for various tissue treatments) and a powerful but quiet brushless motor (it emits low noise at 50dB, less than that of the usual decibel level for when people talk).

Available at Rack85; www.facebook.com/rack85; www.instagram.com/rack85_store


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OTO Genie GN-500
Photo: OTO

OTO Genie GN-500, $188, OTO

We can’t always be heading out to the parks and our local hills to breath in clean, fresh air, and since it’s even more important nowadays to make sure that the surroundings of our everyday haunts (home or office) aren’t too filled with unhygienic or nasty-smelling air, we might need some tech help in the “living environment” department.  This is where this silver-domed device comes in useful. An all-in-one portable disinfecting, sterilising and deodorising gadget, this wireless, Li-ion battery-run, mini air purifier of sorts helps to freshen up the immediate area around you. It is claimed to up the ozone concentration (the natural gas has strong oxidising and bactericidal properties) and diffuse it, thereby eliminating both smells (such as that of smoke, alcohol, vehicle pollutants and even pet odour) and bacteria. Plus, the fact that it is compact, lightweight and effective within 10 square metres, just makes this the perfect hygiene and wellness device to bring around with you, or to stick in a small space, such as in your study area, car, or even shoe cabinet and toilet where more funky smells abound.

Available at OTO brand stockists online, or check for availability at OTO stores and brand stockists, multiple locations, www.otobodycare.com.sg; www.facebook.com/OTOsingapore; www.instagram.com/otosingapore


EMS Foot Massager
Photo: Miuvo

EMS Foot Massager, $89, Miuvo

This is a godsend for those who spend loads of hours on their feet or have their feet shod in uncomfy shoes. Imagine this: You are either in the office or working from home, and are attending your umpteenth meeting of the day. Your mind’s tired and your feet are tired (if you have been in the office all day dressed in formal office footwear). But, when you kick off your shoes and place your worn-out hooves on this foot massage pad and switch it on, all’s well in the world ’cos your feet feel swell. This EMS (or Electro Muscle Simulator) device uses low-frequency electrical pulses to stimulate your feet and leg muscles to contract, helping to improve blood circulation, tone and strengthen your muscles, and of course, letting your hard-working soles relax to the max. Made of durable, high-quality silicon rubber, it comes with 5 massage modes (including a “Tuina” mode 3) and 15 levels of adjustable intensity, with each massage cycle lasting 20 minutes. The best thing? This 0.4 kg, 33.5 cm square pad doesn’t take up much space unlike other heavier foot massage contraptions, and you can roll it up to bring to the office whenever you need to.

Available at Miuvo website or at Giant Tampines Hypermart (21 Tampines North Drive 2, #03-01, 528765), https://miuvoshop.com.sg; www.facebook.com/miuvosingapore; www.instagram.com/miuvoshop


uMask Eye Massager
Photo: OSIM

uMask Eye Massager, $49, Osim

Those who take their home relaxation seriously or who are kept up to date with the famous Osim brand, would be well acquainted with its eye massage devices. If you want some good old pampering for your precious orbs, then spending some money on (and time with) any of its affordable and dependable vibrating eye masks to improve circulation around the eyes and comfort your strained peepers is a natural given. But, here’s how to make your shut-eye break-time that more fancy and “furry”: Get yourself Osim’s blue “Cat” online exclusive version. It’s basically the same trusty uMask massager that’s made of soft, plush microfabric, but with two extra tufts sticking out from the top,  mimicking cat’s ears, bringing a fun, new meaning to having a daily cat nap.

Available at Osim stores, multiple locations, https://sg.osim.com; www.instagram.com/osim_sg



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