Take A Walk Through Singapore’s Tumultuous Past

Get an insight into our country’s history of past crises and how it has forged its Total Defence in this fun, interactive exhibition.

By Sean Tan      15 February 2021

Here, you can view a detailed timeline of the tragedy and rescue efforts, as well as the measures taken to prevent this from happening again. A replica of an actual-size cable car in this space also offers a photo opportunity. This tragedy serves as a reminder about the importance of a strong Civil Defence, and the need for crisis preparedness and response in the face of emergencies.

Re Our Scars. For Your Necessary Action. Singapore Discovery Centre 7
Photo: Singapore Discovery Centre

Handling The Crisis Of COVID-19 – Economic Defence, Digital Defence and Social Defence

Held in a separate room from the main exhibition hall is the grouping of the three remaining pillars of Total Defence. Here, you can view the impacts of the pandemic on our society and ravaged aspects like economic stability, social cohesion and digital threats.

You will be reminded of the most recent issues and problems which cropped up during the pandemic, and how Economic Defence, Digital Defence and Social Defence play important parts in helping us overcome the negative impacts these have on our lives, stability and social fabric.

Re Our Scars. For Your Necessary Action. Singapore Discovery Centre 6
Photo: Singapore Discovery Centre

Enjoy The Gamification Of The Exhibition

While you explore the exhibition, you can enjoy the interactive elements which are placed throughout. Take part in a fun digital quiz at machines located throughout the exhibition and try to answer the questions which will determine if you are an agent-in-training, or a full fledged agent – find out at the end of the exhibition!

There’s also a digital interactive which allows you to become a reporter, read off the original script, record your reporting and have the video sent to your email. Be sure to also look out for some amazing-looking, larger-than-life centerpieces which are the main highlights in the various sections of the exhibition. One of it is a gigantic fist adorned with many mirrored pieces which reflect the fist of resolve shown by Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew during the Merdeka Talks.


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