Take A Walk Through Singapore’s Tumultuous Past

Get an insight into our country’s history of past crises and how it has forged its Total Defence in this fun, interactive exhibition.

By Sean Tan      15 February 2021

Ask anyone what’s the one thing which they are most glad about living in Singapore, and the most common answer is likely that our country is peaceful and safe. In fact, we have been named the safest country in the world, coming up as the top in worldwide country rankings for Order and Security in the World Justice Project’s (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2019. But, the fact is, the road to Singapore’s safe and politically-stable status has not always been a smooth one, and it was through overcoming a myriad of crises, challenges and adversity that this came to be.

It is through the experience of tumultuous events such as wars, racial tensions, economic and political crises, and civil disasters that Singaporeans and Singapore as a whole have built up resilience, and enabled us to become the nation that we are today. All these events remain in our history, but are still integral to our identity, and it is all the more important that we remember the historical lessons that we have learnt from having experienced these events.

Re Our Scars. For Your Necessary Action. Singapore Discovery Centre 1
Photo: Singapore Discovery Centre

Re: Our Scars. For Your Necessary Action. is an interactive exhibition held at the Singapore Discovery Centre that aims to present and pass on knowledge about our past, and educates us about the lessons learnt from the “scars” and “pain points” of our nation history. It is also curated with the Total Defence pillars being highlighted as important components of present and future stability.

Written In The Scars

Start the exhibition by viewing a timeline of 20 crises that Singapore has faced in the past to the present. From civil unrests like the Maria Hertogh Riots in 1950 to natural disasters like the floods in 1969; to civil disasters like Hotel New World Collapse in 1986 to terrorist acts such as the SQ117 Hijack in 1991 – there is a whole host of these pain points in our nation’s history to read and learn about.


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