Start Building The Garden Of Your Dreams With These 7 Pots And Planters

Receptacles compact and functional enough to fit any living space, indoors or out.

By Chris Ong        8 April 2021

Growing plants is a new-found old-school hobby these days, even for those who live in space-restricted HDB flats. It helps us appreciate nature, bring about benefits to our well-being and health, and ease us into the “green life”, well, easily. What’s more, plants liven up your living space (see here for some kinds to choose), that can made better… by having space-saving, functional yet interesting-looking pots and planters to grow your fave flora-of-the-week in. Here are 7 vessels to help you start on your jungalow journey.

Aqualean Self-Watering Pot with Flow Mark Indicator
Photo: The Garden Store

Self-Watering Pot with Flow Mark Indicator, $12.80, Aqualean

Want to cultivate a love of gardening in your little ones, or just wish to get their help in taking care of plant “pets”? Then grow your little green friendly in this polyproplene (PP)/ ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) “self-watering” pot that’s designed to look like a tote adorbs black owl (there are also dog and cloud designs, too). But, too bad for “lazyfingers”, it isn’t entirely automated. Instead, it comes with a water storage function and a flow mark water level indicator. When the water in the pot’s low, the owl’s pupils will be in a downward position, meaning it’s time for a top-up of water, and when you do, the pupils will rise; you stop when they reach the uppermost part of its yellow orbs. It’s an easy and fun way for your kids to help care for and maintain the plants along with you.

Available at The Garden Store at Chin Ling Nursery, No. 10 Bedok South Road, 469274,


Noah Garden Centre Garden Plant Box 2
Photo: Noah Garden Centre

Garden Plant Box (Short), $25.70, Noah Garden Centre

Trick your neighbours with this matte-finished cement planter that’s designed to look just like a khaki cardboard box – it even has fake staples! Measuring L 22.5cm x W 12 cm x H 10cm, it’s compact enough to fit along your corridor or on your patio, with a hole at its base for drainage. Collect a few and place with the “Tall” models ($41.70) for a quirky planter collection.

Available at Noah Garden Centre;;;


Photo: IKEA

SHARONFRUKT Plant Pot, from $7.90, IKEA

Trust IKEA to have some of the best pots around to suit any kind of household – this one’s great for a retro-themed home. A stoneware vessel that’s fine whether it’s put indoors or outdoors (it’s also frost-resistant, not that we need it to be, here in sunny SG), it’s glazed in an emerald green with a scalloped rim. Get a few – it comes in 12- and 15-cm-diameter versions – and arrange along the windowsill or patio for a pretty plant pot menagerie.

Available at IKEA stores, multiple locations,


Photo: IKEA

RÅGKORN Plant Pot, from $39.90, IKEA

Here’s another (and larger) one from IKEA. It may seem like it’s made of rattan, but it’s actually plastic (easy to clean and light), and comes with handles (easy to shift around) and an inner clear plastic pot (so the external one remains dry and clean). Pick a 24cm-diameter or 32-cm-diameter one and decide if it looks better on the balcony deck or next to the bed (because, you know, aesthetics matters).

Available at IKEA stores, multiple locations,


Wooderful life Triceratops Wooden Pot
Photo: Rabbit Island

Triceratops Wooden Pot, $25, Wooderful life

This is too cute not to buy for your kiddo. Also, it’s practical and safe – the Taiwanese brand’s products are made using legally grown, non-toxic timber from sustainably-operated sources and food-grade water-based paints. All you need is a right-sized inner vessel and plant to fit into this “dino-pot”.

Available at Rabbit Island, 39 Woodlands Close, #08-67, 737856,;;


Click & Grow The Smart Garden 3
Photo: Click & Grow

The Smart Garden 3 (in white), from $135 (USD $99.95), Click & Grow

Aspiring gardeners who either don’t have the experience, patience or green thumb, this is your salvation. Yes, we are pushing the definition of “pot” and “planter” with this one, since it’s more of a mini indoor gardening device. But, the whole package is housed in a planter box of sorts, ya? The perfect companion for time- and space-strapped urbanites, it offers automatic watering, pro-grow lights, a companion app to help with your plant-growing adventure and complimentary set of three basil biodegradable plant pods.

Available at Click & Grow


Sass & Belle Leo Lion Planter
Photo: ASOS

Leo Lion Planter, $14.27 (RRP $31.50), Sass & Belle

Need a petite pot for your desk? Here’s one suited for both home and office. Shaped as a sleeping lion, this ceramic piece is bound to add some sunshine to your day – just insert a small-enough cactus to make it work. Or, you can always use it as a pen holder if your plant doesn’t fit (more excuses to buy more cutesy pots to clutter your work space).

Available at ASOS


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