Live The Rug(ged) Life

6 snazzy floor coverings to turn your home plush and cushy.

By Chris Ong        12 May 2021

The humble rug – the fabric painting that adorns your floor, that warm hug for your feet, your home’s fluffy playground mat that your mini-me or fur-kid loves rolling around on. Whatever you think these close cousins of carpets are (FYI, rugs tend to be smaller and movable, carpets are usually larger and installed onto the floor), they’re great decorative furnishings to make your home feel extra jazzed-up and comfy, and the floor, less slippery (hence, safer). Roll out any of these 6 to get rugged up, not rugged.

The Cinnamon Room round blue laser-etched metallic hide rug
Photo: The Cinnamon Room

Round blue laser-etched metallic hide rug (1.5m or 1.8m), from $1,050, The Cinnamon Room

Yes, you read right – this one’s a circular cowhide/oxhide rug that comes with laser-etched designs. It’s the details that make this a statement piece: the aged-by-time vintage blue-gray patina, the artsy splashes of metallic gold, and the tile patterns that make this looker seem like its engraved into any floor space you deem worthy of displaying this on. And, don’t worry too much about spilling red wine or coffee on it – the hide material is naturally stain-resistant. Perfect for showing off during parties.

Available at The Cinnamon Room, Jalan Merah Saga, Block 43, The Worklofts@Chipbee Holland Village, #02-74, 278115,;;


Photo: IKEA

HALVED rug (170cm x 240cm), $249, IKEA

Not afraid of (a lot) of colour? Here’s a stripey one with more shades than a rainbow. This multicoloured, flatwoven wool attention-grabber’s not only a mood-upper for any room, but is handwoven by (according to IKEA) skilled crafts people working in good conditions and paid fair wages at organised weaving centres in India. Meaning that each one is not only unique, but made ethically. Colour us happy, then.

Available at IKEA stores, multiple locations,


Muji polyester-loop pile rug in ivory
Photo: Muji

Polyester-loop pile rug in ivory (100cm x 140cm), $93, Muji

Need something clean and white, small and light, to fit into your minimalist space? Trust the “no brand quality goods” Japanese lifestyle brand Muji to just have the thing. Aside from looking fuss-free and good enough for any part of the house (that’s not wet or outdoors), it’s also eco-consciously manufactured using recycled bottles, with its tightened loops making it durable enough for places where the footfall’s high (e.g. the living room).

Available at Muji stores, multiple locations,


Photo: IKEA

ÅLANDSROT rug (133cm x 195cm), $299, IKEA

Add some florals to your nesting grounds with this handmade wool number in black. But, not just any flowery pattern, mind; this tulip design was first created in the 1800s and is actually kept at the famed Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes (The Museum of Printed Textiles or Decorative Art Museum) in Mulhouse, France. Similar to the other rug sold by IKEA listed here, this one’s also made ethically at organised weaving centres in India, and also, Bangladesh. And, if you really want more “flower power”, you can also get cushion covers and quilt covers with the same ÅLANDSROT pattern to do up your room.

Available at IKEA stores, multiple locations,


Living DNA purple agate abstract rug
Photo: Living DNA

Purple agate abstract rug (varied sizes from 160cm x 230 cm and up), from $1,190, Living DNA

Is this some kind of heat sensor satellite image of a cool landscape, a river illustration or just some abstract painting? Nope, to all; it’s actually an exclusive limited edition design by SG furnishing specialists Living DNA’s founder Denise Kaur, made in collaboration with the brand’s rug weavers for its 5th year anniversary in 2020. According to the brand, it’s “inspired by agate stone, [a] rare rocks [sic] characterised by layers of colour, long admired for its mysterious ethereal beauty.” Mystery solved. This handtufted dense viscose pile is plush to both touch and sight – it presents a velvety feel and sheen, with its striations of colour said to change depending on the lighting and where you stand. Gorgeous from any angle.

Available at Living DNA, 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent, Furniture Gallery, Space@Tampines, #01-10B, 528605,;;


Urban Outfitters Modern Hilo Mono-tufted rug
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Modern Hilo Mono-tufted rug (5 foot x 7 foot/150cm x 210cm), $229, Urban Outfitters

Can’t afford your own Zen garden? Then get a rug that looks like one. And, in dusty baby pink, no less. Made of 100% cotton, its concentrated rings of tufted shag lend a pleasing texture and a softened minimalist architectural design to an already pretty colour, with fringes at the ends for that extra boho-chic touch.

Available at Urban Outfitters


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