Pop On A Docker Hat

A stylish option to add to your headgear rotation.

By Chris Ong      2 April 2021

Tired of wearing your usual old cap, or want another headwear design other than the in-trend bucket hat (see our picks here)? Here’s your new crown: the docker hat. Think of it as a brimless cap – it loses the extended bill, but retains an adjustable strap and a clasp or buckle at the back that’s similar to those of strapback or dad caps, and comes with a turned-up or folded fabric edge that runs along the front and sides. Sometimes called a beanie (though most beanies usually don’t have the back strap and buckle), a short hat or skull cap, a docker hat was seen as the favoured headgear of warehouse workers or fishermen, but has since been elevated to become a new streetwear staple in the last couple of years. Intrigued? Then, you youthful ones and the young-at-heart, better try out the ones here quick before the next hat trend hits.

Topman herringbone and ripstop reverse docker beanie in khaki
Photo: ASOS

Herringbone and ripstop reverse docker beanie in khaki, $25.92, Topman

Here’s a two-of-everything hybrid for those who want a little more variety. It’s a cross between a beanie (it’s got no buckle strap or clasp) and a docker hat (it’s got more structure with a domed top); is made with two kinds of patterned fabric, ripstop (the crosshatch, “square” weave) and herringbone (v-shaped weave); and is bi-coloured in khaki and a military brown-green.

Available at ASOS


Urban Outfitters UO knit docker hat
Photo: Urban Outfitters

UO knit docker hat (in olive), $28, Urban Outfitters

Prefer a more classic-looking hat? This one – made with 80% polyester and 20% rayon for that slightly fuzzy feel – comes in an autumnal olive, with a tonal top button and an adjustable leather strap and metal buckle. It also comes in black, rust and charcoal mono-colours if green’s not your thing.

Available at Urban Outfitters


Junya Watanabe MAN x Béton Ciré docker leather hat
Photo: Farfetch

Docker leather hat, $240 (U.P. $480), Junya Watanabe MAN x Béton Ciré

This may be from last season but it’s no leftover. It’s more of a collectible luxury piece, since it is a collaboration between feted Japanese menswear brand Junya Watanabe MAN, and Parisian hat makers Béton Ciré, known for its Brittany-inspired Miki docker hats. And if that doesn’t make you want to drop precious dollars for this, then consider the following: that it’s made in supple yet durable calf leather, limited in stock, and also, now on discount. Made you think hard about putting this into cart, huh?

Available at Farfetch


ASOS DESIGN Docker hat in collegiate cut and sew cord
Photo: ASOS

Docker hat in collegiate cut and sew cord, $25.99, ASOS DESIGN

Want one that you can pair with almost every coloured garb in your wardrobe? Here’s your best bet – a corduroy cut-and-sew design with alternating panels of emerald green, dark raspberry and navy. For the meticulous matchy-matchy dressers, the turn-up brim and adjustable back-strap are in navy, just so you know.

Available at ASOS


COS skull cap
Photo: COS

Skull cap, $34 (USD $25), COS

Minimalists, forego the trendier lids and aim for this one-for-all-seasons. Why this would be the only go-to you need: it’s made in 100% cotton (so it’s comfy), in black (so it matches every outfit), and comes with an adjustable tab at the back (so you and your other fashionable half can share this).

Available at COS, multiple outlets, www.cosstores.com


ZARA short beanie
Photo: ZARA

Short beanie (in green/blue), $29.90, ZARA

Here’s how ZARA updated this autumn-winter accessory for spring-summer; turn out one in a pastel tone, a softer, chalkier hue of teal to be exact. And how the brand made this cotton-polyamide product a better looker than it already is? The back metal buckle’s painted in the same colour so it’s full-tonal on the outside, but is designed with a smooth, pearly white polyester lining on the inside for that “slightly cool, slightly luxe” touch. Plus, it comes in khaki and stone colour versions (with cream and brown-green linings respectively) so you’ve got options.

Available at ZARA stores, multiple locations, www.zara.com/sg


By Walid Emperor upcycled patchworked hat
Photo: Matches Fashion

Emperor upcycled patchworked hat, $380 (USD $281), By Walid

Consider this your pièce de résistance to top off your special OOTD of the week. Constructed from a patchwork of red striped, cream, blue checked and brown upcycled vintage canvas, this is yet another one-of-a-kind creation from designer Walid al Damirji, who uses antique textiles to craft sustainable fashion wear and accessories to often beautiful, artisanal effect – such as in the case of this hat. Made in the U.K., it may look old-world, but it smacks of modern bohemian, what with its turned-up cuff, elasticated backstrap and artfully placed visible topstitching.

Available at MatchesFashion


ZARA short corduroy hat
Photo: ZARA

Short corduroy hat (in oyster white), $39.90, ZARA

Keep it clean and cosy with this corduroy piece. Pair with high-waisted pants and an oversized overshirt for that urban skater-hipster look. Or, go for the same model in anthracite grey for days you want to keep it sombre and dusky.

Available at ZARA stores, multiple locations, www.zara.com/sg


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