Everyday Tee-Time Vol. 1

You’re never too old to wear a cute T-shirt with your favourite ’toon on it.

By Chris Ong        30 April 2021

Age ain’t nothing but a number; so if you wanna slip on a tee with a cartoon character on it, then wear it like you own it. Here are 10 to don on to be your fun, young and casual self.

“Everyday Tee-Time” is our regular fortnightly round-up of the best new T-shirts that fit you, well, to a tee.

HUF x Street Fighter II Blanka triple triangle T-shirt in black
Photo: ASOS

Blanka triple triangle T-shirt in black, $78.74, HUF x Street Fighter II

Okay, so Street Fighter is more a video game franchise than a cartoon but, for those who are old enough to know, there was a 26-episode Street Fighter: The Animated Series made all the way back in 1995. So, this here crew-neck, qualifies to be on the list. Prominently featured on the back of this black tee, is the gamer’s fave green monster (move over Hulk) Blanka in his Street Fighter II pixellated guise, performing his fiercest ah beng squat and discharging his trademark blast to electrify the HUF brand name.

 Available at ASOS


Bershka Tie-dye Rick & Morty T-shirt
Photo: Bershka

Tie-dye Rick & Morty T-shirt, $39.90, Bershka

Fans who love the crazed Adult Swim animated series that is Rick and Morty deserve an equally crazy tee: A vibrant violet tie-dyed top showcasing the double-trouble duo on one of their out-there adventures.

Available at Bershka stores, multiple locations, www.bershka.com/sg


Pull&Bear Black “Spaced out” T-shirt
Photo: Pull&Bear

Black “Spaced out” T-shirt, $39.90, Pull&Bear

A 90s’ kid? Here are all of your fave Nickolodean cartoons back then, on one tee. Who’s here – Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, and the rest, we leave you to figure out (or Google, if you aren’t a 90s’ cartoon fan).

Available at Pull&Bear stores, multiple locations, www.pullandbear.com/sg


Disney X Adidas Originals Rex Tee
Photo: Adidas

Rex Tee, $55, Disney X Adidas Originals

Underdog and B-characters need some love and support, too – like Rex from Toy Story. The loveable toy tyranno is the main star of this 100% organic cotton Stan Smith tee, that’s kept modern with a minimal design so adults won’t feel too kiddy wearing this. Extra brownie points for adidas and Disney too, for making this a gender neutral piece.

 Available at Adidas Originals brand stores and stockists, multiple locations, www.adidas.com.sg


ASOS Design X Disney T-shirt with Mickey Mouse sketch in white
Photo: ASOS

ASOS Design X Disney T-shirt with Mickey Mouse sketch in white, $40.76, ASOS

When there are tonnes of merch featuring an ultra-popular character, what should you do? Keep it simple – go for this white tee, that clears out all that graphic “noise” with just a large, black & white illustration of Disney’s iconic mouse. So clean, so easy to wear.

Available at ASOS


ZARA Striped Snoopy Peanuts T-shirt
Photo: ZARA

Striped Snoopy Peanuts T-shirt, $49.90, ZARA

A striped tee is a classic staple for casual weekend dates. A round-neck, loose-fitting one’s even comfier and better. One adorned with Snoopy chillaxing with Woodstock on his red kennel? Perfect.

Available at ZARA stores, multiple locations, www.zara.com/sg


Urban Outfitters Anamaniacs Yakko Wakko tee
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Anamaniacs Yakko Wakko tee, $49, Urban Outfitters

ICYMI, Anamaniacs just got a new revival on Hulu. While you may have not gotten a chance to catch the wild, new antics of the Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot, you can wear these characters proudly on your bod. Talk about attention to detail: the illustrations are deliberately printed with cracks, to mimic an old, worn-out, retro tee, so that when you wear this, you can boast that you were already an OG fan since 1993 (the debut of the original series).

 Available at Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters The Smurfs tie-dye tee
Photo: Urban Outfitters

The Smurfs tie-dye tee, $49, Urban Outfitters

Need a “positive vibes” tee for Sundays? Here’s a blue tie-dyed one featuring a very ebullient, dancing little blue Smurf (we couldn’t exactly identify who – Jokey Smurf perhaps?) with “The Smurfs” printed in bright, bold yellow above the happy fella. Simply Smurfy!

Available at Urban Outfitters


CottonOn Tbar collab movie and TV T-shirt – The Simpsons Homer Mumu
Photo: Cotton:On

Tbar collab movie and TV T-shirt – The Simpsons Homer Mumu, $29.99, Cotton:On

Cotton:On’s a popular go-to for affordable tees. Here’s one we like: Homer Simpson being a progressive fashionisto, modelling a summery floral muumuu (it’s a loose dress of Hawaiian origin, FYI) and subverting common sartorial conventions by topping it off with a newsboy cap and some casual sneaks. The less adventurous ones amongst us can only carry off this black tee.

Available at Cotton:On stores, multiple locations, cottonon.com/SG


Gucci + Disney Printed cotton-jersey T-shirt
Photo: Mr Porter

Printed cotton-jersey T-shirt, $819 (£445), Gucci + Disney

Want to stay a cut above the rest, even while wearing a cartoon tee? Get this black one from Italian luxury brand Gucci. It’s done up a little slouchy and in a classic vintage look, with a print of Donald Duck being caught off-guard by the paparazzi. You, too, can pretend to be a celeb, wearing a tee so expensive, but do so with less surprise and more-at-ease, ya?

Available at Mr Porter


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