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Stay safe when venturing out of your home during the pandemic.

By Roland Quek      8 September 2020

With the new normal of social distancing, pre-pandemic practices ranging from hot desking to overtourism have come to an end. Nevertheless, as social creatures with the innate need to have some semblance of interaction, the idea is to keep safe even when we are venturing out. We share some easy tips for you to stay safe and sane when going places.

Sports Facilities

Safety precautions are a must, whether you are jogging in stadiums, soaking in your daily dose of vitamin C with an invigorating swim, or even while you are flexing those muscles at the gym. To ensure safe distancing measures are met, most facilities would have a stipulated maximum capacity in place. Ring them up before heading to check on the current capacity as well as the possibility of reserving a spot. Based on SportsSG’s advisory, a distance of 2m should be kept between individuals. Group activities are limited to no more than five participants. While contact sports are permitted in groups of five, extensive bodily contact should be avoided. At the gym, wipe down equipment before and after use.

If you would like to attend gym classes, opt for virtual workout sessions instead. EnergyOne gym has a full range of weekly virtual classes streamed live on its Facebook page for sports enthusiasts who are looking to stay fit and healthy even within the confines of their homes. Generally, masks should be worn as a good practice, with the exception of those engaging in strenuous activities. Masks that are ideal for use during sports include homegrown brand Dermacool, whose odour-free items are enhanced by nanotechnology, and embedded with various minerals including zinc
oxide and titanium oxide, providing antibacterial properties. http://dermacool.sg/ https://sg.puma.com/sg/en/

Parks And Outdoor Spaces

Heading outdoors for that breath of fresh air at the beach shouldn’t be taken lightly. Precautions still have to be taken, and we should pull out all stops to ensure our places of leisure are kept hygienic and secure for all. A few simple steps include picking a park near your home during off-peak hours to prevent overcrowding, bringing your own water bottle, and refraining from drinking directly from water fountains. If you’re bringing your own food, eschew buffet or potluck styles. And always avoid crowded areas and keep your mask on at all times.


Dining out with family and friends should be a happy occasion. To keep the meal worry-free, the following are some tips for you to have at the back of your mind. Remember to have clean hands before sitting down at the table. You can wash your hands or sanitise them with the sanitisers available at every eatery. If you are dining at local coffee shops or hawker centres, remember to bring along a small bottle.

Look for outdoor seats wherever possible, as air circulation is better in open spaces as opposed to air-conditioned areas. Another option is to request to be moved to a quieter section of the restaurant. After you’re done with your meal, put your mask back on.

Wellness Facilities

Be it getting your hair trimmed at the salon or receiving a spa treatment, it is mandatory for us to keep our masks on. Keep to the schedule that is given to avoid overcrowding. Unless you have an important meeting to head to straight after, skip that blow-dry and do it at home – the use of common-use hair-dryers increases the possibility of air particles transmission.

Those who are heading for a spa treatment such as a massage should check that the spa therapists maintain sanitary practices such as the wearing of masks and gloves during treatment.


While children’s play spaces have the benefits of outdoor space and fresh air, social distancing might be a challenge in a crowded playground. Thus, ensure physical distancing for your kids,  specially in tight play areas such as stairs and slides. Make sure your children keep their masks on at all times. Education is key! Impart upon your kids the importance of not touching their faces while engaged in play.

It will be beneficial to pop a bottle of sanitiser into your bag to wipe down their hands immediately after play. Ideally, stagger your playtime to ensure that the playground isn’t overcrowded, and to revisit on another occasion if social distancing seems tough with a larger crowd.


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