Digital Transformation

SAFRA continues to make headway in its digital drive.

By Kerry Yip      9 September 2020

Technology is both a cause for celebration and concern. Every step taken towards a digital society has the potential of reshaping how individuals think, act, interact and live. These past few months have shown how there are no maps or guidebooks in this vast new territory – only limitless possibilities surmised by the intricacies of active learning. The digitalisation drive will catalyse a transformation in people to imbue them with new abilities to take charge of their future and make new realities.

Since 1972, SAFRA has been the go-to destination for all social, recreational, sports and educational activities and/or facilities for National Servicemen and their families. Online workshops, entertaining livestreams and exciting contests have peppered its readily available online platforms to fill the gap of physical activities. Pick up some digital tips from SAFRA’s inspiring staff on their experiences in the virtual realm.

SAFRA Toa Payoh

Amanda, Projects and Events

“Just be brave and try things out. If you never try, you’ll never know.”

Favourite Digital Project: SAFRA Lil’ Stars 2020

Learnings: SAFRA Lil’ Stars is one of SAFRA Toa Payoh’s flagship events, and we were determined to continue hosting it, which we did by going online. Although it was a tough transition, we received an overwhelming response, with lots of encouragement from participants and their family members.

SAFRA Punggol

Rachel, Marketing and Events

“Create an entertaining programme customised to the demographics.”

Favourite Digital Project: SAFRA Punggol Weekend Fun (StayHome Edition).

Learnings: Through the Covid-19 situation, with advice from our SAFRA Digital Media Club team, our projects and marketing team picked up tips on how to create a seamless online experience for our SAFRA members with the necessary broadcasting software.

SAFRA Jurong

Kelly, Projects and Events

“Always be ready for changes, and be as creative as you can when opportunities come.”

Favourite Digital Project: Fastest Fingers First

Learnings: Planning online activities was challenging, especially when we have been holding physical events for so long. But it gave us a chance to explore different channels and content. We discovered that our outreach widened to engage people from all walks of life.

SAFRA Family Day Out

Kenneth, Special Projects (Major)

“There is no bad content – only content that’s not funny, thought-provoking or entertaining.”

Favourite Digital Project: SAFRA Family Day Online – We Grow Together

Learnings: Digitalisation has taught me that speed is everything. From ideation to launch, it’s important to be aware of the newest trends. Don’t be afraid to explore new software in the market when trying to create new content.

SAFRA Mount Faber

Kern, Marketing and Events

“You never know till you try.”

Favourite Digital Project: After 7 series

Learnings: It has been a great and meaningful learning journey, from curating to conducting the regular After 7 series music livestreams on SAFRA Mount Faber’s Facebook page. I am challenged to continuously introduce new elements to every livestreaming session, and am grateful to have been tasked with this project.

SAFRA Yishun

Shu Lin, Marketing and Events

“Identifying the right media platform from your target audience is the key to success. And content is king!”

Favourite Digital Project: StayHome with SYCC

Learnings: As everyone is doing their best to stay home, we had to be creative to find new ways of engaging our NSmen and their families. We learnt that we had to have a consistency on our digital platforms for different yet interested audiences.

SAFRA Mount Faber

Raazmy, Projects and Events

“To have a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

Favourite Digital Project: Dads-clusive

Learnings: Conducting digital workshops and programmes gave us the opportunity to explore new ways of engaging members. We were ready to self-learn the digital space, explore probable digital ideas, and share our learnings as a team. Through it all, my goal was for our members to feel engaged and connected anywhere and anytime.

SAFRA Tampines

Sonia, Project and Events

“What doesn’t work now may work later. Just try, recalibrate and try again.”

Favourite Digital Project: Up Close and Personal series

Learnings: Sports truly brings people together! Leveraging the eagerness for physical sports, we indulged members virtually with our Up Close and Personal Live Show starring sports legends [Lionel Lewis, Hariss Harun and Loh Kean Yew]. It was very well received! Heartened to have embraced trends and changes, and rode the wave. We even celebrated Father’s Day with our first ever Sports Dad Quiz!