NS FIT: All You Need To Know About The New IPT

No, it doesn't replace the IPPT. Read on.

By Leonard Lau        10 April 2021

The Individual Physical Proficiency Test and you. Like oil to your water. Chilli sauce to your bubble tea. VR Man to your Avengers. Sorry, bad example. But you get our point.

IPPT, the annual standard fitness test for NSmen, is an anxiety-inducing matter – something you may dread more than going to the dentist. But it’s a necessary part of a male Singaporean’s life.

To make it easier for you, the Singapore Armed Forces has introduced a new programme called NS FIT. How much easier, you say? Read on to find out.

What in the world is NS FIT?

It simply means NS Fitness Improvement Training. It’s a collaboration between the SAF, Health Promotion Board and Sports SG as part of a whole-of-government effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle among Singaporeans. With this new programme, NSmen will have more choices when it comes to training locations and fitness activities. You will be able to train at 45 different places across the island.

Elaborating further…

Under it, NSmen just need to either pass their IPPT or complete 10 NS FIT sessions (which includes one IPPT attempt). Currently, NSmen who fail their IPPT or fail to complete the 10 sessions have to complete up to 20 sessions of remedial training.

When are the new programmes available?

To be launched on 1 Apr (no, the SAF does not fool around), NS FIT will replace the current IPPT Preparatory Training, or IPT, and RT. NSmen can register for NS FIT sessions through the NS portal from 25 Mar onwards.

Where are the new locations?

Scattered across our island are 29 new training locations, including Singapore Sports Hub, Waterway Point, Our Tampines Hub, Jurong Lake Gardens and Yishun Town Square.

Our six SAFRA Energy One gyms – including a slew of cardio machines and free weights, as well as swimming pools, jacuzzis, steam rooms and showers – are also part of the list. (Note that due to the existing safe management measures, FIT@SAFRA Gym is currently suspended till further notice.) Three ActiveSG gyms will soon be added to the list.

The SAF started an NS FIT trial in 2019 with 250 NSmen. The response was overwhelmingly positive – with the main plus being the increase in venues near workspaces and homes, as well as timings, which have offered greater flexibility.

What will we find there?

You can choose to undergo your training at FIT@FCC, FIT@Park, FIT@HPB Quick HIIT or FIT@SAFRA Gym.

For FIT@FCC, you will find the aerobic threshold circuit that improves stamina; metabolic circuit that incorporates HIIT (high-intensity interval training); sports and games; weight-loss exercises; as well as IPPT-specific exercises.

For FIT@SAFRA Gym, the programme follows the same guidelines as those for FIT@ FCCs. Because they are customised, FIT@SAFRA Gym sessions cannot be combined with those conducted at the other three types of locations.

For FIT@HPB Quick HIIT, you will find a circuit that features short bursts of high-intensity exercises that build strength, endurance and aerobic fitness over time. Quick HIIT is offered by the HPB for the public.

For FIT@Park, you will get metabolic circuits and aerobic training that challenges you with new fitness protocols that are intense and short in duration. (Note: FIT@Park is only available for NSmen.)

How long does each NS FIT session last?

About 60 to 75 minutes, or the equivalent of a Hollywood celebrity marriage.

What if I don’t want to use NS FIT and prefer the old IPPT?

IPPT will continue to be conducted, but only at FIT@ FCC and FIT@SAFRA Gym.

Can my wife/girlfriend/brother/buddy join me for training?

Absolutely. Family members and friends can join the NSmen for training by booking a slot in the same session via the HPB’s Healthy 365 mobile app. And if you’re still on the lookout for your significant other… maybe you’ll find her there!

What do you think of the new NS FIT? Let us know at magnsman@sph.com.sg!