8 More Smart Travel Tips To Save Money On Your Next Holiday

Spend less on accommodation, food, sightseeing and more with these tips and deals. 

By Azrina Ahmad        19 April 2024

Travelling isn’t getting any cheaper, but going on an overseas break shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. From accommodation and sightseeing to meals and transport, there are many ways to keep your expenses way down. Of course, you may need to spend a little time researching deals and comparing costs, but if it’ll save you money then it’s totally worth it. And, as you’ll soon realise, travelling on the cheap needn’t mean forgoing activities and experiences, flying budget airlines, eating convenience food, or staying in a dodgy hotel. 

Here are eight tips for making your next holiday a more affordable – and memorable – one. 

1. Shop your holiday wardrobe for less

Shop your holiday wardrobe for less

Whether you’re looking for winter clothing, beachwear or luggage, you can save a bundle by shopping ahead of time. This gives you the chance to compare prices and scope out the various sales around town. 

If you prefer to shop from home, check out online stores like Zalora, a one-stop shop for men’s, women’s and children’s wear and accessories.

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2. Know when to book and go

Booking air tickets online

Don’t wait till the last minute to confirm your airline tickets. If you want a good deal, book them about three months in advance. According to Expedia, Sunday is also the cheapest day to purchase your tickets, while Friday is the most expensive. 

Take the time to compare prices between different airlines and across different travel websites so that you get the best deal. Do also check out newly launched airlines or low-cost carriers that offer discounted tickets to popular destinations.

To save even more money, remember to use your loyalty or frequent flyer points. You can also set up fare alerts to search for cheaper flights. 

You should also research the best times to travel to a particular destination. For example, avoid going to China during Golden Week, an extended holiday when many businesses are closed as locals travel home. 

3. Save on accommodation

Book an apartment to save on accommodation

If you’re travelling with a group, it might be cheaper to book an apartment rather than multiple hotel rooms. Be sure to compare different areas, because neighbourhoods that are further away from the city and tourist attractions tend to be more affordable. If you decide to stay in a hotel, find out if you can use your frequent flyer points to offset some of the charges, or ask the hotel if they have any promotions or deals, such as “kids stay free” or “book five nights, pay for four”. 

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4. Shop like a local

Shop like a local to save money

Buying souvenirs, travel essentials and personal care items? Don’t go to shops in popular tourist areas to avoid paying more than you need to. Instead, find out where the locals shop and make a beeline for those stores. And look out for locally made souvenirs and products rather than imported ones. 

If you’re buying fruit and vegetables, try the farmers’ markets which sell fresh, seasonal produce, and for bread and pastries, visit the local bakeries. 

5. Explore free tourist attractions

Explore free tourist attractions

Not all tourist attractions charge an admission fee. Certain landmarks, art installations, and famous parks and gardens are free to visit. Some museums and art galleries also have “free admission” days (check their websites). And don’t skip the local architecture – historical churches and other heritage or well-preserved buildings are often free to explore, too. 

6. Buy travel data at home

Buy travel data at home

Mobile data is essential for accessing maps and public transport schedules, finding places to eat, and using social media while you’re on holiday. But if you’re not in a Wi-Fi hotspot, you’ll have to pay data roaming charges, which can be expensive. Make things easier and cheaper for yourself by purchasing the AIRSIM prepaid travel data SIM card before you leave home. 

AIRSIM is a prepaid travel data SIM card that can be used in more than 130 countries outside of Singapore. AIRSIM works with mobile operators around the world to provide you with mobile data service at local data rates. Using Over-The-Air (OTA) technology, your AIRSIM is transformed into a local SIM at the destination.

AIRSIM is reusable – just purchase a suitable data plan before travelling to your next destination by using the AIRSIM app or website, and you can enjoy immediate mobile data service upon your arrival at different destinations using the same SIM card.

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7. Explore on foot or use public transport

Explore on foot or use public transport

Having your own vehicle might be handy, but you don’t really need one if your holiday destination is conducive to walking or has a reliable public transport system. You won’t just save on car rental costs but on petrol and parking fees, too. 

If you plan to walk for most of your trip, invest in comfortable walking shoes. The Crocs range protects your feet while looking stylish.

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8. Have picnics

Have picnics while on holiday

Eating out every day may not be an option for you, and, even if your holiday rental has a fully equipped kitchen, cooking may not be your idea of fun. The next best way to save money on food is by having a picnic. Buy sandwich fixings, fruit and snacks at the local market or grocery store and pick a scenic picnic spot. Beaches, parks and gardens are all good places to relax and enjoy your meal, plus, they’re perfect for people-watching and taking in the surrounding sights. Be sure to check that picnicking is allowed at the spot you choose.

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