Must-Try Gaming Apps To Play Right Now

Mobile games to entertain yourself with and escape from the doldrums of everyday life.

By Chris Ong        23 February 2021

It’s no surprise that as much as we spent hours of the day WFH, we also spent oodles of time playing digital games on our fave mobile device of choice (even if we weren’t exactly out and about). Though restrictions have been eased, many of us are still either casually playing, levelling up our characters, or engaging with friends via mobile games. Try your hand at these ones – some popular, some not, some new, some odd, but all free – available on either the Apple App Store or Google Play store to punch, kick or cast magic dispel to gamify away all of your bad days’ negative vibes.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

During the circuit breaker (and even after), we all depended on couriers, postmen and women, and delivery persons for our daily necessities. Now get to play as a totes-adorb one in a supes fun-for everyone game. Delivering a package sounds meh – until you get to carry stuff across places in speedboats, rockets and air balloons, with up to three friends in tow, using characters whose ragdoll movements are so terrible to control (on purpose), that immense hilarity ensues.

Sky: Children of the Light

iOS users might have played this multiple award-winning game back in 2019; the Android version was only released in April last year. No matter, as this open world social indie adventure game still looks (and sounds) gorgeous. Explore seven realms with a “winged light” cape, make friends in-game, and collect numerous items and gifts such as masks, hats and musical instruments. It’s like a hope-filled fantasy fairytale, just with you in it.

Among Us

Though this is a 2018 game, it’s become somewhat of a post-launch, in-pandemic period hero (that has spawned many similar copycat versions). Its hand-drawn-looking graphics make this multiplayer strategy game cutesy, but beneath the tasks-filled game play lies a sinister premise. Amongst your crew-slash-friends on a spaceship, is an imposter-slash-killer trying to “off” each player on the sly! Either be the sleuth or the criminal, and work out how this cat-and-mouse whoddunit should play out.

Genshin Impact

This open world action RPG is one of the hottest titles out there (it was released late last year). Easy to see why: great graphics (think Zelda: Breath of the Wild), great soundtrack (by the London Philharmonic Orchestra), great to play (multiplayer, action-based battle system, fantasy quests and magical elements and characters aplenty). Plus, if you like luck-based wins, a gacha mechanic to obtain weapons, loot and characters.

Human Struggles

An Attack on Titan fan? Try this weird version just for fun. It’s a complete novelty: purple giant alien feet, mashing small humans. That’s it. Good enough to while away an afternoon or after a particularly stressful WFH day.

Only available on Google Play

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

Anime-niacs would dig this. Based off the popular hit anime, One-Punch Man, this is its official idle strategy card game. Assemble the supersuits of the Hero Association with hero cards, to assist in battles against villains and monsters through its dedicated story, endless enemies tower, player vs player battle and objectives-focused city game modes.

Dadish & Dadish 2

A radish that’s also a dad (hence, Dadish) who’s off to fight fast-food themed baddies to find his children – sounds like perfect family-friendly entertainment. And it is – the retro-aesthetics of this 2D platformer makes it totally addictive, but be warned, the 90 levels across the two games are hard to complete (according to game reviewers) so you might need an assist from your own kids!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

So what if this isn’t a new game (it was released back in late 2017)? It is a must-mention/re-introduction, even if it’s only because Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the internet-breaking game of 2020. But there’s no need to boo-hoo if you don’t have Nintendo Switch; have a taste of the cute and calming game series by DL-ing this instead and start setting up your alternate digital life, stat.

All mobile games are available on the Apple App Store and/or Google Play store

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