Find More Ways To Go Green With These Apps & Gadgets

Apps, gadgets and websites to help you live more sustainably.

By Azrina Ahmad        17 April 2024

Most of us could do with a little extra motivation and encouragement when it comes to doing our part for the planet. That’s where sustainability apps, gadgets and other innovative tech and digital resources come in. These promote green living and environmental awareness, help you improve your sustainability efforts with useful tips and hacks, and even connect you with other people who, like you, are trying to live a more sustainable life. 

Use our guide to help you on your green journey. 

“Rescue” surplus food


According to the National Environment Agency, the total amount of food waste generated in Singapore in 2022 was 813,000 tonnes (or about 11% of the total waste generated). It’s a slightly lower figure compared to 2021, but that’s still a lot of wasted food. 

Enter Treatsure, a local app designed to reduce food waste by redistributing surplus food from restaurants and grocery stores to greenies like you. Their Buffet-in-a-Box, for example, lets you fill a container with leftover dishes from popular hotel buffet spreads for just over $10. Need to stock up on groceries? Simply browse products from various merchants on the app, add what you want to your cart, pay for your purchases, and confirm a time slot for delivery or pickup. Treatsure doesn’t just help you stop good food from going to the landfill, it also brings your food costs down and gives you the opportunity to try new dishes and food products. 

Download Treatsure from the App Store or Google Play Store. Find out more at treatsure.co.  

Trash to treasure


It’s good to recycle glass and plastic bottles, empty milk cartons, old fabric, cardboard packaging, and other everyday items you no longer have any use for. But what if you could give them to someone who would then transform them into something beautiful or useful? Upcircle is the perfect app to help you connect with these creators – individuals who are making a difference through their initiatives: collecting pre-loved items to contribute to the underprivileged; upcycling packaging for their businesses; creating art installations while minimising the use of new resources; and so much more. With Upcircle it’s easy to do your part for the circular economy and keep certain items out of our landfills and oceans. 

Download Upcircle from the App Store or Google Play Store. Find out more at upcircle.app

Reduce your carbon footprint

Capture app

A carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases that are generated by our actions. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, from buying energy-efficient appliances and driving less, to eating sustainably and choosing organic and local produce. 

The homegrown Capture app empowers you to track, reduce and remove your carbon footprint by encouraging you to adopt a climate-friendly lifestyle. Get tips on how to build sustainable habits, calculate​ your personalised monthly carbon dioxide target, enable GPS tracking to help the app automatically predict emissions from your daily journeys, get real-time feedback on your progress, and more. The platform provides you with a gamified learning experience with in-app challenges and sustainable lifestyle programmes and even allows you to earn rewards. 

Download Capture from the App Store or Google Play Store. Find out more at thecapture.club

Here are more apps to help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Save water and energy while you shower

Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 Electric Instant Water Heater

What if you could slash your utility bills and conserve water at the same time? The Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 Electric Instant Water Heater allows you to do just that. It features constant temperature technology, which ensures a stable and consistent temperature throughout your shower, saving you more than 16.4% on your utility bills. 

The water heater boasts an elegant and contemporary Italian design, and has a total safety system as well as a smart anti-scalding system and a shower head with five spray options. 

Learn more at ariston.com/en-sg/products/electric-water-heaters/instant/aures-luxury-st33

SAFRA members get 5% off all Ariston storage and instant water heaters plus free compressed towels (worth $12.90 each) with any purchase. Present a valid SAFRA card/e-card to enjoy this promotion. For terms and conditions, click on safra.sg/promotions/ariston.

Eco-friendly essentials under one roof

Green Collective SG

The Green Collective SG is a community of sustainable brand owners and eco-conscious consumers and businesses – a “green kampung”, if you will, one in which everyone has a part to play in creating a more sustainable future. Here, you’ll find a wide range of vegan snacks and beverages; clothes and accessories; makeup, haircare and skincare; home fragrances; tableware; cleaning supplies; and pet food – products that help you live a better life while also being kind to the planet.

Learn more and shop at thegreencollective.sg

Get in touch with nature

Forest Bathing & High Tea

Forest bathing is a slow and gentle way to connect with the green environment and appreciate all the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Studies have found that forest bathing is a good stress reliever and may even strengthen your immune system and help with common health issues like anxiety and depression.  

Klook, which specialises in tours, activities and experiences, offers a four-hour-long Forest Bathing & High Tea experience by Singapore’s pioneering and certified Forest Therapy Guide(s) from Xiu Nature Connections. Indulge in a slow, restful, nature-connected afternoon through the lush green oasis of Labrador Park, followed by a delectable high tea (with free flow premium coffee and tea) in a colonial bungalow. Tour prices start at $430 (for a minimum of two people). 

Get more details at klook.com/en-SG/activity/66450-forest-bathing-high-tea 

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