Mother’s Day Devices & Appliances To Make Mum The Gadget Queen

7 mum-friendly techy things to help let your mother lead the nice and easy slow life she so deserves.

By Chris Ong      27 April 2021

Technology offers some of life’s best convenient pleasures; so it makes perfect sense to get a loved one (a.k.a. Mommy) a few gadgets to make living easy-pleasey, even if said “giftee” is no tech geek. Pick any of these newfangled lifestyle wares listed here to help get Mommy wired up into modern living.

G-SHOCK Casio GM-S5600 Watch Range
Photo: G-SHOCK

Casio GM-S5600 Watch Range, from $249, G-SHOCK

Time and tide waits for no woman… so better let Mum stay her classy self by getting her the latest range of watches from G-SHOCK, stat. Following up from the launch of the GM-5600 in 2019, the brand has now introduced metal-covered bezels with mirror finishings into the G-SHOCK Women Series, GM-S5600, making the lightweight watches look more luxe and elegant than ever.

While there are four variations in the range, only two remain available: a black strap and silver bezel one (GM-S5600-1DR;$249) and a white strap and champagne gold bezel piece (GM-S5600G-7DR; $269). The other two with rose gold bezels, one with a black strap (GM-S5600PG-1DR; $269) and the other with a beige strap (GM-S5600PG-4DR; $269) are currently sold out on the brand’s website (see what we told you about not waiting?).

Available at G-SHOCK stores, counters and brand stockists, multiple locations,

Ruhens Rubens Scented Showerhead
Photo: Ruhens

Ruhens Scented Showerhead, $129, Ruhens

Nevermind Mum, this one has got us beauty, health and cleanliness freaks intrigued. Imagine taking a shower that diffuses scented water all over you – so indulgent, so luxe. Whether you choose a floral Rose (seen here), calming Lavender or energising Lime, each showerhead also filters out chlorine, and harmful particles such as rust, dust and heavy metals; promises a massaging effect from its increased water pressure; and even infuses the water with Vitamin C to help moisturise your skin and hair. Get one (or all three scents) for Mum, then gift yourself with one (or three) of your own.

Available at Ruhens Showroom, 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Building, #01-32, 408868;


Sharp L Series Air Purifiers
Photo: Sharp

L Series Air Purifiers, from $1,399, Sharp

Keep Mother healthy and looking beautiful with these fancy-schmancy household gadgets. Why we term Sharp’s L Series of black (62m² Humidifying Air Purifier KI-L80E-T; $1 699) and white (50m² Humidifying Air Purifier KI-L60E-W; $1 399) air purifiers as such? Because they function not only as air purifiers, but also humidifiers, airborne bacteria inactivators and stand fans. And with their in-built Plasmacluster™ Technology, these health multi-taskers also help to – (deep breath) – purify and remove mould, viruses, allergens, odours and static electricity. And the Plasmacluster™ ions are also claimed to help improve the skin’s texture and elasticity, so Mother’s delicate mien can keep smooth and smiling. Phew.

Available at Official Sharp authorised retailers and online stores such as Shoppee and Lazada;      

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Ruhens V Series Water Purifier
Photo: Ruhens

Ruhens V Series Water Purifier, from $2,459, Ruhens

This is how you and your mum should take your water – seriously. No better way then to have it dispensed from the tankless Ruhens V water purifier, that provides 5 different temperature controls – 4ºC, 27ºC, 40ºC, 60ºC and 87ºC – so you can have it purely on its own or for Mum to mix up a warm drink or soup. What else about it that should make her happy: Its Eco Mode offers an environmentally-friendly way to reduce power consumption (up to 30%!), and its slim build and pleasant colours (light pink, white, black, and light pink and white) make it an easy counter-top addition to have in your mum’s kitchen.

Available at Ruhens Showroom, 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Building, #01-32, 408868;

Sharp Healsio Water Oven AX-1700VM(R)
Photo: Sharp

Healsio Water Oven AX-1700VM(R), $1,759, Sharp

Mom loves to prep meals for the fam? Here’s an assistant to help level her up from good cook to master chef. Armed with the brand’s Superheated Steam Technology (tech fact: it supposedly has 8 times the higher heating power than that of conventional convection ovens), this oven offers simultaneous upper and lower cooking. What this means: Superheated steam is spread evenly in the oven, so you can use the top rack (say, for cooking fresh ingredients) and the lower layer (perhaps, for reheating) at the same time. Plus, this gorge red and black appliance features multiple cooking modes such as grill and non-fried, stir fry, bake, steam and boil, so your mother can not only save time, but dish out all kinds of experiments, we mean, yummy dishes, for all of her loved ones.

Available at Official Sharp authorised retailers and online stores such as Shoppee and Lazada;     

Tableholic E-DESK PRO
Photo: Tableholic Facebook

E-DESK PRO, from $598, Tableholic

Your mother’s a WFH OL elder? Help make work comfier and healthier for her with this clever contraption from local company Tableholic that offers ergonomically designed height-adjustable desks for both home and office. Its latest enhanced Bluetooth product (said to be the first of its kind in SG) enables deskbound warriors to use an app to adjust the desk height, and comes with tracking and monitoring functions to track a person’s sedentary time, a one-touch “sit or stand” button and to monitor his or her sitting and standing ratio.

Available at Tableholic showroom, 587 Bukit Timah Road, Coronation Shopping Plaza, #03-44, 2696707, For enquries, email or WhatsApp 98391314.

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Ariston Andris2 Top
Photo: Ariston

Andris2 Top, $489 (30L), Ariston

Now, this is one modern, good-looking and smart electric instant water heater. In fact, this is Singapore’s first-ever WiFi-enabled smart water heater that is equipped with a revolutionary smart technology, a renewed luxury design and a patented titanium heating element that comes with lifetime warranty. But, if it becoming your mum’s newest, handsomest bathroom beau is not enough, then know this: it can have shower-ready notifications sent to mum’s mobile for hot water, find information on the next available shower timing, and receive constant up-to-date information about water temperature. Plus, it has energy-saving features built-in, allowing it to set a weekly schedule to have hot water only when necessary and to receive energy consumption reports to continuously monitor one’s own shower habits.

Enquire at Ariston Thermo brand stockists for availability, including Audio House Building, 23 Ubi Road 4, Level 1, 408620;;

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