5 Green Movement Groups You Can Volunteer With To Help Save Our Environment

Go beyond recycling and using fewer plastic bags.

By Mandy Lim Beitler        28 April 2021

We all have a responsibility to protect Mother Earth, if only for the sake of future generations. This Earth Month, sign up as a volunteer with these local organisations that are championing conservation and sustainability and do your part to help save our (little corner of the) world before it’s too late.

Photos: The Food Bank Singapore

The Food Bank Singapore

Since it was established in 2012, The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) has been working to eradicate food insecurity in Singapore by 2025. The registered charity bridges potential donors and beneficiaries by collecting and redistributing donated food. With more than 100,000 underprivileged families and over 300,000 individuals to feed, FBSG depends greatly on volunteers.

Volunteer activities include the Food Rescue Project that involves the collection, packing and distribution of food. These include unwanted perishable food from F&B establishments and excess stock from retail stores. According to co-founder Nicholas Ng, people of all ages are welcome. Even children as young as five years of age can become Junior Foodbankers, helping to sort and pack food bundles that are distributed to low-income households.

For more info, go to: foodbank.sg

Photos: Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) Facebook

Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)

The world’s foremost expert on primates needs little introduction. Her groundbreaking research with chimpanzees and lifelong dedication to community-centred conservation continues to serve the world via her namesake global organisation. The Singapore chapter of the Jane Goodall Institute was founded in 2007 to continue her work of inspiring individual action to improve the welfare of the environment and advocate for wildlife here.

To volunteer, you just need a keen interest in environmental and wildlife conservation issues combined with a proactive and positive attitude. Both long-term and ad-hoc opportunities are available. These might include helping to plan and execute outreach events or becoming a ‘monkey guard’ working closely with mischievous long-tailed macaques! Simply drop an email to community@janegoodall.org.sg or visit their website to learn about current volunteer opportunities.

For more info, go to: janegoodall.org.sg

Photos: Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook

Nature Society (Singapore)

Run by volunteers, the Singapore chapter of the Nature Society (NSS) is dedicated to the appreciation, conservation, study and enjoyment of the natural heritage in Singapore and the surrounding region. If you’re passionate about our environment, love being in the great outdoors and enjoy meeting people, join other nature enthusiasts and help make our little red dot a greener place to live in.

A wide range of volunteer opportunities are available with various initiatives and groups under the NSS umbrella. For instance, you can join in coastal and forest clean-ups on Pulau Ubin or help patrol the Green Corridor. You can even help in rescue and research efforts of various wildlife such as the horseshoe crab, migratory birds, and local endangered species.

For more info, go to: nss.org.sg

Photos: Trash Hero Singapore Facebook

Trash Hero Singapore

Back in June 2020, Trash Hero Singapore reported having amassed 8,182 kg of trash over 56 clean-up operations, thanks to the helping hands of 2,112 volunteers. The local chapter of this global movement typically organises one to two events monthly, where volunteers of all ages help to pick up trash at places such as Sungei Seletar, Coney Island and Pulau Ubin.

The pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works this past year, however. Thankfully, things are starting to pick up again, so do stay tuned to their Facebook page to sign up for the next available clean-up operation. But don’t wait till then to be a Trash Hero – whether it’s a stray cigarette butt on the sidewalk or tons of plastic waste on a beach, just bin it when you see it!

For more info, go to: facebook.com/TrashHeroSingapore

Photos: Waterways Watch Society Facebook

Waterways Watch Society

It started in 1998 as a group of 27 like-minded individuals getting together on weekends to fish litter out of the Singapore, Kallang, and Geylang rivers. Through the years, its objectives further expanded to include a strong focus on raising public awareness on preserving and appreciating Singapore’s waterways. Today, Waterways Watch Society (WWS) has about 500 volunteers, ranging from five to 80 years of age.

Join them in weekly patrols and clean-up activities on foot or bicycle, or even while kayaking or pedal-boating at our waterways. Other volunteer opportunities include training to become WWS ambassadors, taking part in outreach programmes and helping to maintain community spaces at their headquarters and branch offices around the island.

For more info, go to: wws.org.sg

How do you do your part for the environment? Share your tips with us at magnsman@sph.com.sg!