8 Mirrors That Are Both Functional Furniture And Modern Art

Make surface changes to your home with some designer-ish reflective surfaces.

By Chris Ong        17 March 2021

Spent so much time cooped up indoors that you are bored at home and with your home? Then do what us humans are most capable of – modifying our surroundings to suit how we feel. But, most of us don’t have the extra change to make over a room, never mind a whole house, based on a whim. What is a blasé and budget you, to do?

Consider, the wall mirror. It’s that one super-functional household item that we use, but callously overlook, everyday. Wall mirrors can transform a space’s aesthetic in simple but dramatic ways, merely by how or where you place them. Submitted for your consideration: A curation of 8 mirrors – some move, others best displayed in multiple, all artsy and designerly – that will make you look twice, at yourself and at them.

ferm Living Pond Mirror

Pond Mirror (Large; W63.5cm x H110cm x D1.5cm), from $383, ferm LIVING

Imagine placing a pond on your wall – well, that’s what this quirky and organic-shaped mirror almost accomplishes. Inspired by water’s free-flowing movements, this decorative piece by Denmark’s ferm LIVING can be mounted in any direction (given that there is no correct “up” or “down” for this). And if you want to place more of such faux “water features” around the house, there are others of different sizes and shapes in the Pond series to choose from.

 Available at Finnish Design Shop and ferm LIVING


New Works Rise & Shine Wall Mirror

Rise & Shine Wall Mirror (Black Steel and Burned Oak; 80-160 cm in height), $567, New Works

Conceived by London-based design studio Hunting & Narud for Danish furniture and décorative objects design house New Works, this is contemporary wall sculpture in mirror form. Functional, too. Hung from an oak knob, the 45-cm-in-diameter mirror can be pulled with the use of a steel weight as a counterweight, allowing you to change its asymmetrical composition, movement and balance. Meaning, you can adjust the mirror according your viewing and height requirements or just to subtly change the look of a room.

Available at Finnish Design Shop


Urban Outfitters Nova Iridescent Mirror

Nova Iridescent Mirror (Multi-colour; 14-inch diameter), $72, Urban Outfitters

How to make your living space feel more cosmic: Hang this circle mirror up. Topped with an iridescent shine, this glass + MDF (medium-density fibreboard) Urban Outfitter-exclusive product can also be laid flat as an eye-catching vanity tray if you so desire.

Available at Urban Outfitters


Umbra Echo Pivot Mirror

Echo Pivot Mirror (W64cm x H54cm x D5cm), $229, Umbra

Wish you had a wall mirror that changes how your living space looks daily without having to physically shift it around your room (also, not a doable idea if you have, more or less, mounted it on your wall estate permanently). Well, here is that “magic” mirror. It’s not only a decorative display and looks sculptural, it is also interactive. Constructed with three movable mirror segments attached to a centre rod, you can pivot each segment at different angles to catch the light, to look outside, and also, direct one to the play area to keep an eye on your mini-me, all at the same time.

Available at HipVan and Umbra brand stockists


Edra Miraggio Mirror
Miraggio Mirror, (Various colours; W107cm x H187cm x D6cm), $5,855, Edra 

This looks like a Frankensteinian mirror, albeit a designer one; the stars of the design world, the Brazilian Campana brothers, Fernando and Humberto Campana came up with this headturner. How it’s made: laser-cut cutouts of differently-shaped colourful acrylic mirror, hand-finished on their edges, manually assembled together then connected by nylon ties. An aluminum support lets this “curtain of cutouts” hang vertical and away from the wall. Opt for a completely red or an all blue-green one if you want to view the world through rose-coloured reflections or submerge in aquatic-metallic under-the-sea vibes.

Available at SPACE Furniture Showroom, 77 Bencoolen Street, 189653, spacefurniture.com.sg


Urban Mood SALT Postmodern Tinted Round Mirror
SALT Postmodern Tinted Round Mirror, (Tea or Grey; 50-, 60-, 70-, 80-, 90- or 100-cm diameter), from $140 to $390, Urban Mood

Want more frameless circle mirrors? Here is a whole series offered by this fully ecommerce SG company. Available in two colours and in 6 sizes each, you can purchase a few to hang around the home, stack up against the wall or even lay flat as a tabletop or floor decorative piece, to pull your décor together as a repeated design motif.

Available at Urban Mood, www.facebook.com/urbanmoodsg; www.instagram.com/urbanmoodstudio


Lee Broom Split Mirror Long
Split Mirror Long, (W64cm x H160cm x D4cm), $ 4 795, Lee Broom

Such a simple idea, yet the effect it yields is so surreal. UK designer Lee Broom made precision-cut horizontal slices across this long stadium (it’s an actual shape) wall mirror, shifting segments to jut out (or in, depending on how you look at it) and out of position, exposing the oak-trimmed sections of the black satin lacquer frame. There’s also a vertically-sliced round one if you prefer a softer-edge to your modern avant-garde aesthetic. Either way, cool.

Available at SPACE Furniture Showroom, 77 Bencoolen Street, 189653, www.spacefurniture.com.sg


Mirror, (Brown tones; 18cm x 21cm), $29.90 for 10 pieces, IKEA

If you must insist on buying from this Swedish furnishings giant (because everyone else does), then we would recommend you pick up this massively popular hexagonal product. So easy to see why; cart home however many you want, and you can line doors, entire walls, and even the ceiling and floor, and turn your home into a disco club or infinity mirror horror house. Hey, its your own private Xanadu, so you do you. You just need the right tools, some creativity, patience, time and maybe a few more helping hands from friends and fam.

Available at IKEA stores, multiple locations, www.ikea.com/sg


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