Make Muay Thai Part Of Your Fitness Regime

MMA & Muay Thai — is it for you?

By Olivia Lim        21 October 2021

Muay Thai, the ancient martial art of Thailand, is known for its tremendous power and grace of movement. Lee Xin Yuan, Head of North Operations at Onyx MMA, shares more about the origin of Muay Thai, its classes at Onyx, and why it can be a beneficial exercise.

Q: What is MMA? And what does Onyx MMA offer for the beginner?

Xin Yuan: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport which encompasses the essence from many disciplines. There are striking aspects, grappling aspects, and ground aspects. The last two aspects are when practitioners are able to take their opponent down and make them submit in locks. Onyx MMA offers both striking and grappling martial arts with our Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) programmes respectively. Beginners can look forward to being introduced to the different aspects of MMA under specialised coaches.

Q: What is Muay Thai and how did it come to be a fitness regime?

Xin Yuan: Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. Also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs”, it comprises kicks, knees, punches and elbow work. Muay Thai demands a lot out of its athletes, be it in cardiovascular endurance, agility, or strength. Thus, it fits well into a fitness regime.

Q: What are the benefits of Muay Thai for the average person – for exercise?

Xin Yuan: The average person can look forward to building a strong cardio base, strength, speed and hand-eye coordination. Muay Thai is a martial art, so the trainee will gain a means of self-defence. Beyond that, confidence can also be built in individuals as Muay Thai forces practitioners to stay calm and collected under pressure, such as during sparring or competitions. Onyx MMA offers a fun and enriching environment for students to push themselves to their limits under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches.

Q: How are Muay Thai classes at Onyx MMA conducted?

Xin Yuan: Classes at Onyx MMA are conducted as group training, with students across all experience levels mixing together and helping one another out. Of course, there is also one-to-one personal training available on request.

The best way to prepare for Muay Thai is to actually just do it. Don’t worry about your physical abilities as our coaches will push you according to the best of your abilities.

Q: What are some of the physical and health issues we have to be mindful of before taking this course – can anyone sign up for it?

Xin Yuan: Anyone can sign up for the classes. However, do consult a doctor on your physical well-being if you are unsure whether you can do intense sports. Beyond that, our coaches are here to help you surpass your limit and improve.

Visit https://www.onyxmma.com for more information on Onyx MMA’s Muay Thai classes.

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Photos: Onyx MMA