Dig In! Hunt Down These 8 Ramens In Singapore

Loosen your waistbelts and say Konnichiwa to a hearty bowl of goodness!

By E-lyn Tham        21 October 2021

We’re a hopeless ramen-tic when it comes to Japanese food. Sushi, udon, tempura… you name it, we love it! Our absolute favourite, however, is ramen. After all, who can resist a no-frills piping bowl of comforting goodness that’s packed to the brim with umami flavour?

Here are some of our favourite picks:

1. Menya Musashi Ramen

Photo: Menya Musashi Ramen

Hailing from Tokyo, Menya Musashi Ramen was hailed to be serving one of Singapore’s best ramens in 2015. If there’s one word to describe Menya Musashi, that word would be variety: be spoilt for choice with white, red, and black broths, as well as a range of different textured noodles.

They even come up with exciting seasonal items from time to time, such as a unique chawanmushi ramen!

Menya Musashi Ramen, multiple locations, https://menyamusashi.com.sg/, https://www.facebook.com/menyamusashisg/, https://www.instagram.com/menyamusashisg

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2. Sho Ryu Ramen

Photo: Sho Ryu Ramen

An unassuming ramen restaurant, Sho Ryu Ramen is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Sho Ryu specialises in Hakata ramen, which comes from the Fukuoka city of Japan. Fun fact: these Hakata noodles were frequently eaten by fishermen, as they offer an affordable and efficient meal option.

Their broth is the star of the show – thick, creamy, and delightfully rich. Each bowl packs a punch with robust flavour, with a mild sweetness to cut through the richness. Try their signature ramen, or have fun back home with their D.I.Y. ramen kit.

Sho Ryu Ramen, multiple locations, https://www.facebook.com/ShoRyuRamenSG/about/, https://www.instagram.com/shoryu_ramen

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3. AFURI Ramen

Photo: AFURI Ramen

This is for those that like a little zing in their ramen. Hailing from Japan, AFURI Ramen is best known for their Yuzu Shoyu ramen. Expect a hit of zesty citrus with each bite, adding much-welcomed acid to the otherwise rich broth.

A lighter version comes in the form of the Yuzu Shio Ramen. For those that prefer a little more bite in their noodles, the Yuzu Tsukemen also offers noodles that are of the thicker variety.

AFURI Ramen, 107 North Bridge Rd, #B1-29 Singapore 179105, https://afuriramen.com/, https://www.facebook.com/afurisg/, https://www.instagram.com/afuriramen_pdx

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4. Ippudo

Photo: Ippudo

Ask anyone about ramen, and Ippudo generally springs to mind. They’ve garnered multiple awards, such as clinching top prize at the Tokyo Ramen of the Year Grand Prix. Try their popular Bonito Tonkotsu or Chicken Shoyu, both of which are big on flavour.

Alternatively, you won’t go wrong with the classic Shiromaru Motoaji that’s made with their original recipe, containing thin noodles, melt-in-your-mouth chashu, spring onions, and a generous serving of cabbage.

Ippudo, multiple locations, https://www.ippudo.com.sg/, https://www.facebook.com/ippudosg/, https://www.instagram.com/ippudosg

5. Keisuke Ramen

Photo: Keisuke Ramen

With around 20 outlets around Singapore, Keisuke Ramen takes their craft very seriously. With a whopping 16 concepts, the most popular of which are the Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King and Ramen Keisuke Lobster King respectively.

The former boasts a milky broth that has been boiled for hours; the latter flaunts an extravagant lobster broth that is nothing short of decadent. Sweeten the deal with free-flow beansprouts and eggs too!

Keisuke, multiple locations, https://www.keisuke.sg/, https://www.facebook.com/KeisukeTokyoSG/, https://www.instagram.com/ramen_keisuke

6. Menbaka Fire Ramen Singapore

Photo: Menbaka Fire Ramen Singapore

Now, this is a feast for the eyes. Watch your meal light up right in front of your very eyes at Menbaka Fire Ramen, where the chefs douse the ramen in hot oil to make the noodles go up in flames. Hailing from Kyoto, this is truly one spectacular show!

The Shoyu Fire Ramen is a must-try, containing shoyu imported from Hyogo prefecture, and a signature topping of sweet green onions from a local Japanese supplier. That’s not all: the broth is also the glorious result of simmering chicken bones for hours on end.

Menbaki Fire Ramen Singapore, 8 Grange Road #05-03 Cineleisure Orchard Singapore 239695, https://www.facebook.com/menbakasg/about/, https://www.instagram.com/menbaka_sg


7. Kanada-Ya

Photo: Kanada-Ya Ramen

Originating also from Fukuoka, Japan, Kanada-Ya is a brand that is enjoyed internationally – it even earned the position of being the #1 Ramen Restaurant in London! The indisputable highlight is their Truffle Ramen Special, which tempts with black truffle jelly, truffle oil, and truffle belly chashu.

Truffle can be overpowering at times; however, Kanada-Ya manages to find a good balance, with the truffle complementing the rich creamy broth.

P.S. the rich broth is even boiled for a staggering 18 hours to extract all that goodness!

Kanada-Ya, multiple locations, https://kanada-ya.sg/, https://www.facebook.com/kanadaya.sg/, https://www.instagram.com/kanadaya.sg

8. Sanpoutei Ramen

Photo: Sanpoutei Ramen

Think of Sanpoutei Ramen as a loving grandma, one who spares no expense and pays excruciating attention to detail. Indeed, Sanpoutei goes all out to ensure the optimum ramen experience – think: importing all their ingredients from Niigata in Japan, and even manufacturing special bowls to keep the ramen warm upon serving.

Don’t miss out on the Niigata Shoyu Ramen house special, which comprises handmade noodles nestled in a fish broth that’s made with two kinds of dried sardines (as compared to the usual pork broth).

Sanpoutei Ramen, multiple locations, http://sanpoutei.sg/, https://www.facebook.com/sanpouteisg 

So, which of these ramens will you dig into first? Oishii!