Long Weekend Plans

These activities can leave you recharged and happier.

By Kelvin Low      30 July 2019



If you find yourself chowing down on too much unhealthy food, it can make you easily irritable and lazy. Fortunately, just a few days of clean-eating will reset your body to a fresh and clean state. It is also a good time to put away your digital devices for a day or two and disconnect from distractions like social networks.

Catch up on sleep

Good sleep makes your memory sharper, improves mood and focus. The caveat? You have to go to bed earlier instead of waking up later. It also helps to relax before bed without using electronics which may disrupt your sleeping patterns.


Reflection on oneself is a powerful tool for improvement. Without the distractions of work, seize the opportunity to untangle and sort through experiences, see from a different viewpoint, and create meaning. This meaning becomes part of the learning cycle , which can then form new mindsets and actions.

Prepare for work

The long weekend is perfect for planning your upcoming week. Why? A well-planned week feels a lot more manageable because all you have to focus on is execution. And planning only takes up a fraction of the day and you won’t be dreading the first workday after the break!


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