5 Home Organisation Blogs To Help You Clean & Declutter!

Tips and tools beyond Marie Kondo.

By Steve Thio        13 May 2021

Some of us may be shocked by the clutter we’ve accumulated from our WFH stints – and online shopping during the lockdown did not help! To ‘whip’ our homes back to a clean and organised clutter-free state, we’ve reviewed a few of the best known home organising sites (besides konmarie.com) that will help you declutter, get you and your family’s stuff neatly stored away, and your home organised and well maintained.

A Bowl Full Of Lemons

If a challenge is what drives you, then this site has the perfect one to help you get organised – a home organisation challenge! Every week is dedicated to a different part of your home, from the kid’s playroom to the kitchen and garage (if you have one). Besides great visuals of organised spaces to inspire, there are also useful links that offer detailed tips and steps to help get your spaces in shape.

Written in a friendly, conversational tone, the blog reads like your best friend offering simple, logical common sense advice. The site also has a host of organising tools like a cleaning card system – so simple yet innovative! – checklists and templated forms for every aspect of your housekeeping duties, from budgeting to cleaning schedules. If you think it all sounds a bit like work – well, keeping your house neat, organised and tidy is work!

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Organization Obsessed

This site is neatly organised with clear sections on how to declutter and get organised, with a toolkit that is tailored just for you! The focus is on printables and planners like the Cleaning Companion and Budget Planner which help you plan your own routines, schedules and more. The articles cover a host of ideas and themes from organising Christmas decor to DIY projects and home makeover tips. And of course, step-by-step organisation and decluttering features that are easy to understand and execute!

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Neat House. Sweet Home

This site looks like a colourful and creative home organising diary! It doesn’t deal specifically with home organisation – it also has tips on how to clean makeup brushes, recipes for unique all-natural cleaning liquids and loads of other DIY tips to help you keep your home clean, fresh and fragrant. Kids will also love the DIY projects and ideas that families can work on together. The printable section has various formatted checklists that will help you keep your home in tip-top shape and clutter-free.

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Our Home Made Easy

The tagline for the site says it all – Helping working mums create extraordinary homes the easy way. So if you’re stressed juggling with work, family and keeping house, this site is for you. Beside cleaning and organising tips, the site offers a host of ideas and tips for issues you don’t really think about until you read about it – for example, a feature on how to clean and maintain your home so you or your family won’t fall sick easily. There’s also timely advice on how to manage your parenting, family and office duties if you’re working from home. The tips and ideas are quick and easy to execute but you would need to maintain a regular schedule and be disciplined in following the routine. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, they offer one-on-one coaching services as well.

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Organizing Junkie

From recipes to room makeovers, this site is a fount of fun facts, ideas and solutions. But what really works are the neat and organised sections in the menu – Learn to Organise, Storage Solutions, Time Tactics & Menu Planning! Each section features clear steps that help you achieve your own goals and needs; this helps you get organised too when you start your own planning. There’s also a 52-week organisation challenge to help you plot your way and not be too overwhelmed by too many tasks at one go.

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