Learning And Networking At JustCo

Nurture the next-gen entrepreneurial spirit

By Yong Shu Chiang      13 March 2019

It was an evening of exploration and discovery as SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Club organised an eye-opening visit to home-grown co-working space operator JustCo. Formed in 2011 to cultivate continuous learning and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, SEC organises eight to 10 activities each year, including seminars, networking events, company visits and its flagship event, the annual SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace. In a welcoming space at Marina Square, large enough to host more than 1,000 people, participants were given an introduction to JustCo’s services, and brought on a tour of its facilities in its first shopping mall-based co-working space.

The two-in-one event encompassed a site visit of JustCo’s new co-working space, as well as the chance to network with other potential entrepreneurs.

As part of the evening’s programme on 25 Jan, from 7pm to 9pm, a representative from Trive Labs, a startup incubation programme hosted by JustCo, also shared about the opportunities for entrepreneurs to realise their business ideas through various funding, networking and mentorship schemes. More than 40 people registered for the event, and attendees who submitted their name cards were entitled to receive a one-day trial visit pass to JustCo. Jacquerine Ong, SEC co-opt member and founder of a business to import and distribute foodstuff, was hopeful of forming “stronger networking relationships” with other members and creating “more meaningful outcomes” from such activities.

Among the participants, some were regulars while others were new to SEC, which has more than 400 members. Ethan Hor, 33, who had just started a new business in education technology a few months ago, said that the event was a good chance to find out more about SEC.

“I took this opportunity to visit JustCo, which I had heard of before, and also learn more about Trive,” he said. “I also wanted to meet more like-minded people and network.” Edwin Tay, 35, who has a fulltime job but was keen on learning how to raise funding to start his own business, added: “It has definitely been helpful. I’m leaving today with more information than I had before.” For more information about SEC, visit www.safra.sg/sec.


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