Keeping Track

Stay informed on the whereabouts of your family with these location-based tracker apps.

By Roland Quek      10 April 2020

If you are anxious about the well-being of your family members, then you should absolutely take the aid of a tracking app. To help you out, we have come up with this list of apps that report anyone’s location in real-time.

Dementia Friends (Editor’s Pick)

Developed by the Agency for Integrated Care, Nanyang Polytechnic and Integrated Health Information Systems, this local app allows families of missing persons with dementia to send out alerts via a “Finding My Loved One” feature. Other users can also report sightings of the missing person through the “Lend a Helping Hand” function, which alerts their caregivers. Doubling as a resource guide on dementia, the app also displays designated “go to” touch points in Singapore where staff can render help for families with lost persons with dementia.

Life 360

This app connects you with your family and loved ones with its smart features such as the Family Locator feature equipped with GPS location technology. Family and friends can be added to a private chat known as a “circle”, which allows members to see each other’s real-time location, including real-time alerts when anyone reaches or leaves a location. Each circle member appears as a unique icon on the chat’s navigational map. Another notable feature is the Driver Care Support function that connects you with app representatives who can assist on emergency situations on the road.

Sygic Family Locator

With its augmented reality real-time location tracking, this app keeps your family members connected at all times. Privacy is of utmost consideration, and all family members must first consent to GPS location tracking before the enabling of the tracking service. Top features include a personalised navigation map with favourite zones for each family member and a Flight Tracker function for global tracking – great for providing alerts on flight delays and cancellations. Highlight: Should your kids get lost, they can tap an SOS button that will immediately send you their GPS location.


This app leverages GPS tracking to share real-time location with your family. Unlike other tracking apps in the market, Glympse lets you share your location via a web-based navigation map. Family members who wish to have a “glympse” of your location will be able to receive it through a link sent via text message, email or Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. There is no need to create an account or log in. Upon downloading the app, you can send a Glympse to anyone you like by selecting a contact, choosing the duration you want your location to be available, and then tapping send.


This is a monitoring app with location-tracking and voice monitoring features to provide support to parents of special-needs children. A GPS wearable device can be linked to the app, which parents can use to monitor the location of their children as well as receive real-time audio soundbites of their surroundings. Other advanced guardian monitoring and safety functions of the app allow you to see the daily activity history of your child, add and set permissions for guardians, customise boundaries for geofence “safe zones” like school and home, and send first responder alerts in emergencies.

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