June School Holidays Activity Guide For Extra #StayHome Fun

Creative ways to keep the little ones busy.

By Mandy Lim Beitler        7 June 2021

With Singapore now in Phase 2 (heightened alert) mode, parents are scrambling for ways to occupy their kids – again – these June school holidays. These #stayhome ideas should help.

Digital Family Vacations

Staycations starting to feel a little passé? Thankfully, the Internet allows us to broaden our horizons a little further, albeit digitally. For those who love museum-hopping and visiting cultural landmarks, now you can go on virtual tours of over 2,500 museums, galleries, and historical sites around the world. Best of all, you don’t have to buy plane tickets, book family-friendly accommodation, or even pack any luggage! Let the kids explore Angkor Wat, visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, go backstage at the Sydney Opera House, and peek into Anne Frank’s family home in Amsterdam. Thrill-seekers can also ride rollercoasters in Disney World and go on a ‘live’ African safari. The possibilities are – virtually – endless!

E-Learn Something New

With June school holiday programmes such as camps and workshops being scuttled, we’ll need to get a little more creative to keep the kids on their toes both mentally and physically. Besides using international educational platforms such as YouTube Learning and Khan Academy, you can also pick up the ukulele, learn a new language, take an art lesson, and practise yoga – by taking part in ‘live’ classes conducted right here in Singapore. There are classes for dads and mums too. Besides, our kids are already veterans of online classrooms, thanks to Home-Based Learning, so they can probably show us grown-ups a thing or two.

And whether you’re considering getting a pet for the family or a first-time pet owner, tune in to the first ever Pet Lovers Series on Canines, presented by SAFRA Punggol. On the video podcast episodes, expert speaker Eli Atias will share useful tips and advice on dog training and behaviour. The first episode will be on 29 June at 8pm – tune in live on SAFRA Punggol’s Facebook Page. SAFRA members will also get to send in their questions related to the episode which Eli will answer during the live show, and you even stand a chance to win some prizes!

SAFRA Mount Faber also has a whole host of fun online activities lined up for June – check them out here!

Old-School Gaming

When was the last time you played zero point, hopscotch and Simon Says? And what about cat’s cradle, five stones, and those rhyming hand-clapping games? Spend some time during these school holidays introducing those retro games to your offspring. They’re not only excellent for training fine and gross motor skills, physical balance and coordination, and mental agility, but will also keep the kids occupied for hours without being glued to their iPads. Alternatively, gather everyone for game night – classic tabletop games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga and Uno are perfect for creating plenty of family-bonding moments.

Crafty Projects

Expend the kids’ artistic energies by getting them started on a creative project. The younger ones can start with making edible play dough or paper dolls, while older kids can try knotting friendship bracelets, crocheting ‘amigurumi’ animals, or making accessories and ornaments from polymer clay. You could also suggest that they make a few more as gifts for family and friends. It can also help to improve their fine motor skills, train their focus and attention span, and offer an immense sense of reward and satisfaction when they complete each item.

Photos: Everything Green Facebook

Hip Homemaking

While you and the kids are stuck at home this June, why not work on a home improvement project together? Perhaps you need a new workspace that caters to both #WFH and #HBL days. Or upcycle an old bookshelf into a planter unit and start planting an edible microgreens garden. You can also take this opportunity to declutter and reorganise a wardrobe, storeroom, or kitchen. Reward all that hard work by making this quick-and-easy and super yummy microwave chocolate lava cake recipe. It’s so simple, even the little ones can help!

Ignite Imaginations

So you’ve exhausted all these ideas – and your energy! – but the kids are still ready to climb the walls because they’re bored and have nowhere to go to work off all that excess energy. Tell them to exercise their imaginations instead. Pitch a tent in your balcony and ‘go camping’ overnight under the stars. Or turn the living room into an airplane cabin for an onboard experience your family won’t easily forget. You can even invite their friends along by arranging a Zoom playdate – remember to design and send them e-tickets so they don’t miss the flight!

Share your creative #stayhome activity ideas with us at magnsman@sph.com.sg!