Intermediate Golfers: Here’s How To Improve Your Game

Getting fitted for the right clubs, practising your swing and course management are just the start.

By Leslie Huang        22 August 2023

As an intermediate-level golfer, you are definitely better than a beginner, but you seem to be stuck at a mid-range handicap and are keen to get to the next level. 

What can do you to improve? According to Lee Carrington, a full vocation member of the Australian PGA and owner of Lee Carrington Golf, consistency and dedication are key. This means practising your swing regularly, learning more advanced skills as you get better, and paying attention to the fundamentals. 

Lee, who turned pro in 1996 and moved to Singapore in 1998, is currently teaching at the Orchid Country Club. She shares her best advice for intermediate golfers to take their game and technique up a notch. 

Q: How would you define an intermediate golfer?

Lee: An intermediate golfer is someone who has a handicap of 18-plus. 

Q: When it comes to practising their golf swing, how can intermediate golfers tell if they’re improving?

Lee: You should always have a goal in mind to start with. I’d advise you to work with a professional golf instructor to determine which aspects of your swing – or any other aspect of your game, really – that you’re keen to improve on. Working with a professional will help you figure out what’s holding you back, and having that second pair of eyes monitoring what you’re doing can certainly help you see how you can do better. Everyone needs that second set of eyes, even the pros themselves like Rory McIlroy and Lydia Ko.

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Q: Do you have any other tips for intermediate golfers to improve their game?

Lee: You should spend half of your practice time on and around the green. Spend time on your short game – this includes putting, chipping and pitching. An average to intermediate golfer would have between 32 and 36 putts, so try bringing this down to 5 or 6 to improve your handicap. 

Q: How can having the right golf clubs help a golfer play better?

Lee: Your clubs should work for you and not against you. If you’re not sure if they’re affecting your game, you should go to a fitter to get properly fitted for the right clubs. Having the right clubs can make a huge difference to how you play; likewise, if your clubs have the wrong shaft, lie angle, weight and even grip size, they can cost you distance or cause you to either hit a hook or slice, or even injure you.  

5. What mistakes do you see some intermediate golfers making?

Lee: The most common errors I see are to do with grip and setup. And thankfully, those are the easiest to fix. 

The golf grip is relatively small and it needs to be in the fingers, not the palm. You also have to be strong and athletic in your setup, meaning that you must engage your core and check your posture, because that’s where the power is. A bad setup can cause back injuries. 

Q: Why is course management so important?

Lee: Course management relates to the approach you take during your game, and the decisions you make at every hole, every shot and every swing. 

Knowing when to “whoa” and when to go is fundamental to the game. Think about this the next time you play. Ask yourself where you want to hit the next shot from. Sometimes, and in fact, an awful lot of the time, the centre of the fairway or the flag itself is not the spot. Remember, par is never a bad result.

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