How Much To Give In Your Lunar New Year Hongbao – A Handy Guide

Whether you’re giving out red packets for the first time, or aren’t sure if the market rates have changed, this guide will come in handy.

By Mandy Lim Beitler      11 February 2021

Younger Siblings And Siblings-in-Law: $60 To $100

If they’re still single, your younger brothers and sisters come next. However, if they are already working adults, then you can choose to give them either a smaller token amount, or not at all. It comes down to individual family practices, but many unmarried folks in their thirties find accepting red packets awkward and prefer to decline.

Younger Cousins: $20 To $28

Are they your brothers and sisters from another mother, or practically strangers you meet once a year? How much to give unmarried younger cousins depends on how close you are to them, but $20, $24, or $28 are commonly chosen amounts. Just like with your siblings, the same principles apply if they are working adults.


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