Home-made Tech

‘Made in Singapore’ gadgets and apps that are making waves all over the world.

By Lucy Pek      6 July 2019

Creative SXFI Air


Creative Technology was a “Made in Singapore” superstar tech brand during the 1990s when Singaporean entrepreneur and founder Sim Wong Hoo created the ubiquitous Sound Blaster audio card. This year, the company reinvents its niche sound technology with the launch of a new audio product – Creative SXFI Air. This is a Bluetooth and USB headphone with in-built Super X-Fi technology, and boasts an SD card slot that makes it an MP3 Player. It has 50mm drivers, touch controls and a customisable RGB light ring.


Free download

Named after a riff on a Hokkien dialect term for “dating”, Paktor is a location-based dating app that was founded in Singapore in 2013 by Joseph Phua and Ng Jing Shen. The app was originally developed to connect singles in Singapore, but has since expanded to South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Paktor follows a “freemium” model where everyone can download and use the app for free, but premium features are for purchase.

Newton’s Meter


Designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in Singapore, Newton’s Meter is the brainchild of a Singaporean teenage prodigy, 16-year-old Siddharth Mazumdar. This gadget is an AI-enabled personal safety device that can potentially save lives by alerting others through an emergency button paired to a smartphone and via an app. Weighing just 14g, the device entails the use of artificial intelligence circuitry, microprocessors and GPS, as well as in-built accelerometers and sensors. In the event that the wearer falls, an SOS message text with real-time GPS coordinates will be sent to his or her emergency phone contacts.

Argon Transform

US$799 ($1,100)

Launched by Whyre, Argon Transform is a smart device that is also the world’s first dualcamera helmet attachment, enhancing the overall riding experience for motorcyclists. More importantly, it also improves the rider’s situational awareness by providing visual information on blind spots. Check out its Augmented Vision System, which facilitates rear-view camera feed, and has audio navigation and even a Blackbox recording feature. The best part: This gadget can pair with mobile devices through an app to log mileage, calculate travel speed, answer phone calls and listen to music on the go.

Razer Hammerhead Duo


Tan Min-Liang, founder of Singapore gaming brand Razer, continues his winning streak with his newest gaming product: the Razer Hammerhead Duo, which features an inline control with volume and play/pause control, plus microphone. Compared to single-driver headphones, this product has dual drivers that allow for more effective sound separation, and produces clearer and louder audio that is free from distortion. This means a crisper and more precise audio experience, whether with a TV series or music playlist. Tan, also Razer’s CEO, says: “It delivers a clear and precise audio experience in a comfortable form factor that perfectly meets the demands of daily use, no matter where you are.”


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Founded by Singaporean entrepreneurs Azman Ivan Tan and Salehin Amat, Whatshalal is a mobile app that was launched in April this year. Its geo-location function lets you locate the nearest halal food outlets in Singapore and 14 other countries. It also has a dedicated halal food delivery service, as well as a halal restaurant reservation tab that allows you to order your food in advance. One of its top highlights: It has a Halal Scanner function that enables you to scan barcodes or ingredient lists to see if products on hand are authentically halal.