Healthier Hawker Dishes? Here’s How!

You can still enjoy your local delights minus the guilt.

By Sasha Gonzales      29 March 2021

Fried Hokkien Noodles

The dish: Yellow noodles and bee hoon, fried in lard, pork and prawn stock, served with bean sprouts, squid, prawns and pork belly strips, and topped with crispy lard bits

Tips to make it healthier: Ask for 70% bee hoon and 30% noodles to lower the fat and carbohydrate content. To bring down the cholesterol content of the dish, omit the pork lard, and to add more bulk, include more bean sprouts.

Nutritional profile, before and after:

Calories: 522 to 404
Fat: 19g to 8g
Sodium: 1423mg to 1149mg
Fibre: 4.4g to 6g

Egg Prata With Curry

The dish: Pan-fried layered bread made with wheat flour, filled with egg and cooked in ghee, and served with mutton curry

Tips to make it healthier: Substitute the prata with thosai, a thin South Indian pancake made from a fermented batter consisting mainly of lentils and rice. The fermented nature of the batter is believed to make thosai healthier for the gut. Thosai is also lower in fat than prata. Instead of mutton curry, enjoy thosai with fish curry for a less fatty meal, and include one or two vegetable side dishes, like stir-fried cabbage or brinjal, to add more fibre and nutrients to the dish.

Nutritional profile, before and after:

Calories: 578 to 481
Fat: 29.7g to 26g
Sodium: 899mg to 838mg
Fibre: 3.6g to 5.2g

Do you have your own healthy hawker food hacks? Share them with us at magnsman@sph.com.sg!


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